The Truth About Milk/Dairy

Soooo, yesterday I was getting facebook “like” notifications in droves, and couldn’t figure out WHY (it’s not supposed to be abnormal though, is it?! haha;) until I read Christina’s dilly-o on dairy post. Thank you friend for the amazing shout out on both your blog and your facebook page! I hope all the new faces around here like what they see and stick around!

Christina, (and perhaps you, too!) is contemplating going vegan (again). Like most individuals, I’ve experimented with nutritional lifestyles (raw, vegan, paleo, see-food diet etc.) over the different phases in my life, but now and forever I can confidently say I will be Raw, Plant-Based, Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, and [refined] Sugar-Free for reasons I hope to respectfully deliver here on the blog appropriately.

Starting with dairy…

This is pretty hard even for me to accept since I love cheese! But you know what? I’m ok with out it! In fact, my body is even better with out it. I can’t unlearn the information I now know, and dairy is no longer appealing.. in fact it’s actually repulsive.

According to Vivian Goldschmidt, founder of Save Our Bones, there are a variety of myths surrounding milk consumption. One of the first myths, she mentions, is that drinking milk creates healthy bones because of the calcium found in the milk. WRONG! In actuality, the animal protein found in milk actually depletes the human body of calciumexactly the opposite of what milk drinkers expect it to do.

I encourage you to stop what you’re doing and read the rest of her article Debunking Milk Myths because the scientific findings are astounding.

Like all animal protein, milk acidifies the body pH which in turn triggers a biological correction and it turns out that calcium is an excellent acid neutralizer. The biggest storage of calcium in the body is obviously in the bones. So the very same calcium that our bones need to stay strong is utilized to neutralize the acidifying effect of milk. Once calcium is pulled out of the bones, it leaves the body via the urine, so that the surprising net result after this is an actual calcium deficit and possible kidney stones.

Knowing this, you’ll understand why statistics show that countries with the lowest consumption of dairy products also have the lowest fracture incidence (or osteoporosis cases) in their population (Source)

Essentially everything we have been brainwashed taught about milk is incorrect. Scientifically speaking, humans have no business consuming any animal milk aside from his or her own mother’s milk.

I could go on and on about this topic, so here are more excellent resources to examine closer for yourself, and cross reference this information:

Why is Dairy Bad for Me? <– definitely watch this video! I couldn’t embed it.
Forks Over Knives
Not Milk
Milk Chemical Contamination
Got the facts on Milk?

Since Christina is toying with the Dairy-free lifestyle, I thought I would step up my game a bit and come to the table with some help — for her, and anyone else on the fence.

With June just days away, how about a 30-Day Dairy-Free Challenge? Maybe you’ll only want to try it a couple days, a couple weeks, or maybe you’re determined to kick this and need a push…

Who’s onboard? This is a great opportunity to do this challenge with a group of people where you can find tips, recommendations, encouragement, and support!

Here are some of my favorite “dairy” alternatives to kick start your way to a dairy-free lifestyle..

If you’re a coffee drinker, this is a great milk/creamer alternative. In fact, So Delicious actually has creamers, but in my household, the original suffices:) I love making my Cacao/Maca drink with this..

Almond Breeze and Rice Milk are both staple items in my household and is usually bought in bulk. We use rice milk for cereals, and typically any recipes calling for milk, unless I prefer something else. The Almond milk is usually for enjoyment, whether it be in a beverage or pudding, etc.

I’m a fan of hemp milk, too, but rarely have it on hand; however, I may eventually swap the rice milk out for hemp milk, because of the nutrients in hemp:)

So Delicious cultured coconut milk yogurt is off the charts good. Not only do they have several flavors, but the consistency is extremely creamy, and basically identical to traditional yogurt.

So Delicious also has Greek style yogurt — which is also phenomenal if you prefer Greek style yogurt!

Amande was a happy accident find, and I love that it’s a Seattle based company. The product is phenomenal, especially when mixed with chia, nuts, and other toppings; however if you’re the type that needs your yogurt consistency to match traditional yogurt, this might not cut it for you. My easy fix is to pour into a bowl and mix until smooth — This product is definitely worth a try!

Hello, looooovvvverrrr!! Daiya (day-uhh) is by far the BEST cheese on the market. This is the only cheese I know of that is soy-free, which is HUGE for my family and I. Also, they recently came out with wedges, so grilled cheese sammies can be back in my life should I choose to make one because this amazing cheese MELTS!

Heaven. I love my Coconut Bliss so much! So Delicious also makes a coconut based ice cream, but it’s too “fluffy” for me (I think it’s the guar gum?) whereas CocoBliss is very dense. If you prefer a marshmallow-y texture, definitely try to the So Delicious one, otherwise you will luuurve Luna & Larry for life!

My Dad’s favorite little dessert at the moment.. When I ran out of my above mentioned obsession, I indulged in one of these and couldn’t believe how good it was. I of course immediately walked back to the freezer to look at the box and read the ingredients. Flabbergasted, I concluded there is no reason we all can’t be dairy-free… That delicious!

Is the truth about milk/dairy shocking to you? 
Do you think you could do 30-days Dairy-Free?
What are some of your favorite dairy-free/alternative products?

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12 thoughts on “The Truth About Milk/Dairy

  1. We are a dairy-free (and gluten-free) family who love the So Delicious products and Daiya cheese (in small quantities). I don’t really miss dairy at all.

  2. I have been slowly reducing my dairy intake for the past few years. I started with milk, switching to almond milk (which I now adore). Next, I removed yogurt and cottage cheese. I LOVE cheese, and just recently read an article about how cheese is made *gross*, so I am now looking for cheese replacements that are melty and taste like cheese without the animal cruelty and saturated fat content. I will have to find some Daiya cheese. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. You know I’m in for this challenge! Guess what?! I found AMANDE yogurt here!! I’ve only tried the coconut so far and I absolutely love it. I can’t wait to try the other flavours. I really love almond milk. Almond Breeze apparently has a new almond/coconut blend that I want to try and find. It sounds amazing! Daiya is super yummy too but I don’t eat too much of it. It’s usually saved for “cheat” or something!

    • I’m soooooo glad Amande is in your neck of the woods — I really like them, too!! And I had no idea about the Almond Breeze almond/coconut blend — I’ve actually concocted that in my own kitchen!!

  4. I am so close to doing this challenge, i feel like I might as well do it! (First I need to finish up my Chobani that is in the fridge).

    I love Almond milk (silk or Blue Diamond, depending on what is on sale), and my daughter loves coconut milk to help with nighttime bed wetting, but we have gotten away from it. I would love to try those So Delicious “ice cream” products, but i fear I would over eat them.

    Thanks for the information!!

    • Chobani is CHO’GOOD!! I will admit to missing my CHO as I am a loyal greek yogurt ambassador, but the alternatives I mentioned above are fabulously dairy free AND if you know you enjoy Almond Milk you won’t be in for any unpleasant surprises!

      Your fear of overindulging is a legit one–most people justify overconsumption by saying, “It’s organic!” or “It’s raw/vegan!” …but portion control is still a valid (self)discipline that needs to be practiced, and was actually one of my downfalls the first time I transitioned into the raw/vegan lifestyle!

  5. I’m not completely dairy free, and I never will be. I have studied too many cultures where dairy is a regular part of their diet, and I am more on the side of Nourishing Traditions when it comes to these things. However, I do really like some of the products you have listed, just because they taste good.

    Still, I’d like to point out that although you may be switching out dairy because you view it as unhealthful, you are adding in foods which contain a lot of ingredients that aren’t necessarily healthful either. Many non-dairy alternatives contain a lot of sugar, or contain some strange ingredients to give them the texture and flavor that people expect. It’s like when people switch to low fat foods. They have to add something else in to replace what has been taken away. Those are usually gums, salts, and sugars as well as man-made “food like substances.”

    • I definitely respect other cultures and people’s opposing stand point on this (and other) topics, however, it doesn’t remove the scientific reality exposed that milk is in fact carcinogenic. It causes and feeds cancer cells and has only gotten worse over the years — the only difference is that it’s going public. []

      I can’t speak for other Dairy-Free people, but I am not replacing or adding in any unhealthy foods that contain ill ingredients. In fact, I go out of my way to avoid such, but that is definitely a valid concern people need to take into consideration when shopping.

      I’m considered the Label/Ingredients Nazi in my household because I scour a products label and 99.9% of the time put it back on the selves. (I also research companies to learn if they are affiliate to Big Pharma or Monsanto in any way and avoid them as well). My best advice to people at the grocery store is to avoid the middle isles:)

      In addition to a laundry list of other things, I avoid all products with sugar and the strange ingredients/man-made ingredients you talked about, and stick to raw organic whole foods and typically create my own concoctions for the most part due to so many restrictions.

      However, as shown above, I do have a few “cheats” that I seldom include, such as Daiya Cheese (for certain recipes) and the Coconut Bliss dessert, which happens to contain less than .35% guar gum. Everything else is completely natural (the real natural, too, not the Kelloggs, General Mills, etc. version of the word “natural”) otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it!

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