Just a quick post today to thank those of you who entered my latest giveaway sponsored by Navitas Naturals. If you missed this review & giveaway, I encourage you to read about it here because Navitas Naturas is a very reputable company whose focus is on quality and has earned the trust of health conscious consumers.

I thoroughly enjoyed those of you who participated in the, “What is your favorite Superfood” question as an extra entry. I think the majority of people either don’t know what superfoods are or are misinformed by convoluted information. Or perhaps you’re somewhere in-between?

In my opinion the answer to optimal nutrition completely lies within “superfoods”!! Especially when eating for health… Like most topics though, there is controversy, and I have heard/read things eluding to the effect that the term “superfood(s)” is a made up word and is used as a marketing ploy–and while there may not be medical “definition” I still believe in “superfoods.”

The reality (and my definition) is that these raw, organic, and plant-based superfoods are considered superfoods because they may include, but are not limited to:

  • Antioxidants,
  • EFAs,
  • DHA,
  • A wide range of minerals,
  • Complete proteins,
  • Blood sugar stabilizers,
  • Immune system modulators,
  • Hormone balancers,
  • Rich with Phytochemicals (that have the potential to prevent or even reverse disease)

…and so.much.more!

“Superfoods” are so super because they contain an assortment of the above mentioned + vitamins, which may be anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and the list goes on and on.

Superfoods don’t consequently make our “staple foods” that provide the bulk of our nutritional intake any less important, BUT it is equally important to include superfoods in our everyday nutritional intake even if defined as a “supplement.”

The term “supplement” stems a whole new train of thought for me, and I look forward to sharing what I currently take in addition to eating Raw, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, and [refined] Sugar-Free.

Here is a list of some of my favorite superfoods that I hope you attempt to incorporate into your everday regime — I find it most easy to concoct a green drink🙂

Chlorella [click here to learn a few reasons why]
Spirulina [click here to learn a few reasons why]
Aloe Vera — quite possibly my favorite miracle healer — [click here to learn more]
Barley Grass [click here to learn more]
Crucifers (broccoli, kale, cabbage, spinach)
Coconut — meat, milk, water, oil — all of it!
Berries (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, açai, pomegranate)

My family and I enjoy a green drink everyday and I am always playing with the recipe. Right now, we’re hooked on the following:

Jenn’s Super Green Drink: (yields one amazing cocktail)

  • 2 cups coconut water (the Costco VitaCoco’s are 11oz)
  • Healthy shot (+/- 4t) of Aloe Vera Juice (or gel!)
  • 1T Macro Greens
  • 1T Chlorophyll
  • 30 drops Astragalus
  • 30 drops Turmeric
  • 30 drops Dandelion Root
  • 30 drops Milk Thistle
  • 1 lemon wedge

I blend everything together in my VitaMix, throw in one or two ice cubes and it’s fabulous!

So far I’ve whimsically added a thumb-size of fresh ginger. Another time one garlic clove (whoa!), another time a couple carrots, and now most often, 1t of glutamine. We eat A LOT of broccoli, kale, and spinach, so very rarely will I add those to our green drink but if you don’t consume enough, definitely throw in a handful (or two) to your green drink!

I about forgot to mention our winner of the amazing Navitas Naturals Superfood prize pack!!

Congratulations to…

Congratulations Shaun! Thank you so much for entering this giveaway and going through the motions for those extra entries — they obviously paid off! Shoot me an email with your mailing address and Mic from Navitas Naturals will get your loot off to you asap!

Another huge thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway — I wish everyone could win, but  trust me, this company is worth a purchase:)

Next Tech-y Tuesday there will be a surprise for iPhone 4/4S users — stay tuned!

What are your thoughts on superfoods? If you missed this giveaway, tell me what your favorite superfood is… 

13 thoughts on “Superfoods

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    • When I was little we used to pick fresh berries all the time — I looooooove berries, and cannot believe how much antioxidants are packed in those lil burst of awesomeness!!

      Picking up a bag of frozen berries at the store & keeping them on hand is perfect for sneaking them in recipes. Especially smoothies, with summer around the corner:)

  2. I am so sad I missed this giveaway and I LOVE their stuff. I am seriously addicted to their trail mix.

    and I used to add chlorophyll to my water – I’m totally going to grab some!

  3. I really like Amazing Grass, especially the chocolate flavor. Hehe. It’s really the only way to get those kinds of greens into my boyfriend too. He would never drink your green drink. He can usually taste a little bit of the greens when I add it to a smoothie, and they just make his face twist a bit. If there’s too much he sends it away for something different or more fruit to hide the greens.

    • haha!! We used to do it with just water, so for us adding the coconut water & lemon really zest-ed things up in a refreshing way.

      here’s another one of my Green Drink recipes [] — perfect for breakfast or post workout, add in your chocolate-y protein powder and disguise the vitamin & mineral packed cocktail! =)

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