Why Eat Raw?

Did you know the most nutritious foods are raw, living foods? Foods that are still growing, like sprouts and germinated nuts and seeds–the young green shots from certain seeds that offer loads of nutrition packed with flavor are all raw and living foods.

Raw foods are full of enzymesphytohormones, oxygen, vitamins, and minerals, whereas with cooked food each nutrient is diminished.

Why is this important? Our immune system needs to be in tip-top shape to fight off other issues our body might may be fighting. Our digestive system is actually designed to eat raw foods that nature provides, which is mainly leafy greens, fruit, nuts, and berries.

When whole raw foods are cooked, the chemical structure of the food is altered and the whole food essentially becomes unrecognizable as it gains (or loses) components. As a result, the body processes the foreign substance, which stimulates the immune system to work harder, raising the white blood cell count (digestive leukocytosis) in attempt to attack the “foreign substance” thus further weakening the immune system.

Consuming animal proteins, fats, starches, and sugars, etc. deprives our body of the vital nutrient and enzymes it craves and needs for optimal function, and adversely causes fermentation and all kinds of degenerative disease, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, IBD–Crohn’s disease, and Ulcerative Colitis, etc.

It may take several years for the major organs in our body to break down, but it’s inevitable, and the proof is illustrated in our society how detrimental it truly is.

It is recommended to consume at least 60% raw (or more for your own good!) so if you can try to incorporate more and more raw foods into your every day nutritional regime, you will begin to notice a difference in your energy, focus and clarity, complexion, and will hopefully have fun in the process of learning new recipes!

While unpacking I ran across these rawsome books I bought years ago when I was raw/vegan before, and I’m so thankful I found them! Back in December I purchased a VitaMix and an Excalibur Dehydrator and they have both already paid for themselves.

If you would like to start incorporating [more] raw food into your lifestyle, start with simple changes, such as adding a salad to your meal, or by adding more salad than your cooked portion of your meal, and continue to transform in increments.

I would also suggest checking out these amazing raw foodies for inspiration:

When I dove back into the Raw/Vegan lifestyle those above mentioned links were like gold to me, so I hope they at least provide what I can’t (right now;) * 2/2018 Update: A few of the links I previously shared were no longer available so I added a few new(er) finds!

I’ll keep posting my own tidbits, and help in any way that I can as well as share informative resources for you to further your adventures toward healthier living. Email me anytime or comment below any questions you may have.

What healthy choices have you made this week?

How can you improve your raw foods intake?

7 thoughts on “Why Eat Raw?

  1. I can’t wait for you to share your raw food ideas! I am going to make it a goal of mine to have at least one raw meal a day. I already have my salad packed for tomorrow: romaine, carrots, corn, strawberries, and chickpeas! And a side of watermelon to go with it 🙂 It’s been two days since I cut out the dairy now and I haven’t had ANY bloating yet. I think dairy may have been the problem. I am going to keep on going and see if it continues to move in a positive direction!

  2. I’m so happy to hear the discomfort has subsided since eliminating dairy! Assuming that was the issue, incorporating more raw will definitely help with cleansing!

    I’m going to write a post about proper food combining — not sure if many people know “The Rules of the Stomach” and how our body digests certain foods, so I think it might help!

    PS: your salad sounds amaaaazing!! I’m on a fresh salsa kick right now, and I’d toss a couple tablespoons + some fresh cilantro on top in a heartbeat! =)

  3. We’re not where we should be when it comes to healthy eating but we are making progress!

    Since meal planning/preparation has fallen into my lap, I’m making sure we incorporate veggies with every meal- preferably raw, but not always.

    And since my recipes get rotated fairly quickly, I’m also going to try one new recipe a week.

    It may not seem as much but any changes we make has to be small and manageable or I might just implode.

    love ya!

    • Little change is better than no change, and the fact that you try to incorporate veggies with every meal & hope to try a new recipe once a week is huge! Hopefully those websites mentioned above help out in that department:)

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