want to learn more?

Learning about essential oils is an ongoing process.  That’s why we’ve set up a couple Facebook groups to help you do just that!  Come join in on the conversation to see how others are using essential oils, ask questions you may have, or use the search feature to find specific information.  Jennifer (or someone on her team) can help get you added to these amazing groups!

The Daily Squeeze

Another great resource is the Young Living website.  Head on over to learn more about the company, their remarkable 20-year history, and all of the amazing products they have available by clicking HERE or on the image below.  Don’t forget to visit the Young Living blog for even more great info by clicking HERE!

The Essential Oils Pocket Reference and Essential Oils Desk Reference by Life Science Publishing are extremely useful tools, especially for everyday questions.  Search the section organized by oil name for a wealth of information on each oil and oil blend.  If you are looking for which oils you might use for a specific concern, easily flip to the section organized by ailment to learn which products can be used and how to apply for maximum results.  Life Science Publishing also has a great selection of other resources to learn more about essential oils!


* You might want to touch base with Jennifer (or someone on her team) before you purchase. Sometimes they have extra copies available and are even able to get a special Lemon Dropper price. 


3 thoughts on “want to learn more?

  1. What is the price for the essential oils pocket reference book? Also, I sold two kits but neither of the girls are interested yet in selling. Which websites can they be a part of? Only the oilery. Com?

    • Hi Marie! The Essential Oils Pocket Reference Book varies in price depending on where you decide to purchase. You can find it on amazon, life science publishers, etc. 🙂 Congratulations on your two new members — The Oilery is definitely a great place for people to get some information but if they’re on facebook, I highly recommend getting them added to the Daily Squeeze!

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