“I was introduced to essential oils by my friend, Lindsay. At first, I was really skeptical and didn’t think that they would really work. I actually researched them for 2 months before I purchased my premium starter kit to try with my family. The first oil I tried was Peace and Calming on my boys’ feet at night. Oh my goodness! They calmed down and relaxed so well. Once I saw results with that, I started trying them for everyday things. At first, my husband was not on board with the oils. It took him several months before he started to really give them a chance. Thieves oil changed his view on essential oils forever. He is now a believer and asks me to give him oils to take on the road with him for work. These oils are truly amazing and they work! I’m so grateful for Young Living Essential Oils!” — Melissa K. (San Diego, CA)




“Over the last few years, I “dabbled” in store-bought essential oils here and there. I always had an interest, but I never took the time to really research or use them to their full potential. After seeing a friend share her great success with Young Living and doing a little research, I jumped right in and got a kit. Still to this day, I am blown away by the results of what these oils have done for us. They’ve helped with seasonal illnesses, cuts and scrapes, energy, cleaning around the house, and even my husband’s major back soreness from surgery. I am so thankful for all of Young Living’s oils and products we’ve used this past year. Everyone in our house loves them. My kids will ask for them and even my husband is a true believer – he makes sure I have a travel kit of oils ready for him when he is away!” — Carrie H. (Oak Harbor, WA)




“I first learned about essential oils when I was pregnant because I was experiencing lots of symptoms that were related to my pregnancy.  I received my kit a few weeks before my daughter was born, so I was only able to use a few of the basics before life got crazy.  😉  However, my family and I got very sick when my baby was about 6 months old.  It cost us nearly $500 in doctor visits / medications / medical equipment – and that was WITH insurance!!!  I decided that we needed a health overhaul and really dove into learning more about my oils.  Now I honestly can’t imagine my life without them!   My little one has not been seriously sick since we started using them consistently, even though she is around lots of people and places.  I love that I can treat my family naturally for the variety of things that come up on a day-to-day basis!   I am constantly learning new ways to use the oils in our home and finding new oils that I want to try.  We are forever changed because of these awesome, natural bottles of goodness!” — Brianna R. (Avondale, AZ)




“After years of researching essential oils in efforts to learn more about them and to find the purest, highest quality, therapeutic/medicinal grade available, my family and I (finally) started using Young Living Essential Oils in October of 2014. We have been amazed at how they have changed our lives and my only regret was not getting started sooner. We use these oils every single day for a variety of things, such as cleaning, skin care, immune support, mood, health, and the list goes on and on. We hope to always inspire others to live healthier lives — and these oils make it even easier.” — Jennifer P. (Seattle, WA)


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