President Barack Obama signed a spending bill, HR 933, into law on 3/26/13, which includes language that has food and consumer advocates as well as organic farmers up in arms over their contention that the so-called “Monsanto Protection Act” is a giveaway to corporations that was passed under the cover of darkness.

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This new law includes a provision providing the administration with flexibility to ensure that “essential” federal employees (IE: meat inspectors) are not subjected to looming sequestration-related furloughs. The legislation grants the USDA this flexibility to transfer $55 million in existing agriculture funds to FSIS in order to ensure food inspectors are not furloughed. <– WHAT?! 

With the passage of the Monsanto Protection Act into law, the American people have finally learned the naked truth about how corporations like Monsanto work quietly behind closed doors in our nation’s capital.

Since then, Congress and the White House have been experiencing backlash as the American people are waking up to the corruption and backroom deals that steal our democracy. Despite this recent victory, Monsanto has never been more vulnerable and we shouldn’t let up on this important issue.

So far, Food Democracy Now! has turned in more than 250,000 signatures from all 50 states to Congress and the White House. The number has since grown to more than 300,000 Americans who have signed a letter to Obama (including me!) expressing their outrage over Monsanto’s shady backroom deal hidden in the recent budget bill.

Because of those who signed the petition, Food Democracy Now! was able to shine a bright light on the collusion between members of Congress and the biotech industry.

The corporate takeover of America will not be televised, but if you eat and care about the food that you’re feeding your family, you will learn about it at Food Democracy Now! and they will make sure that we have a chance to DO SOMETHING.

Because of those taking action, the story of the Monsanto Protection Act was covered virtually everywhere: in the New York Times, NPR, CNN, Huffington Post, Fox News, Al Jazeera, Food Safety News, UK Guardian, Le Monde and even made the opening with Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show! Ha! 🙂

For the past 20 years Monsanto has engaged in shady backroom deals in Washington DC, always writing the rules in their favor and the mainstream press has ignored it, but this time they have been caught red handed.


Monsanto Speaks

Sure, some people think it’s impossible that [we] can take on an industry as powerful as Monsanto and the biotech giants, but at Food Democracy Now! they feel they don’t have a choice. From their perspective we can’t allow Monsanto to continue to erode our democratic rights or eventually we won’t have any. The good news is, with everyone’s help thus far they have already caught the attention of Washington DC and the biotech industry.

As a result of all the backlash, Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD), the chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee was forced to apologize for allowing Section 735, the Monsanto Protection Act, to be slipped into the short-term spending bill (HR 933). Mikulski says she doesn’t support the Monsanto Protection Act, nor wants it to be a part of legislation in the future, but somehow included the corporate giveaway because of the previous chair’s agreement. This sounds fishy, but her apology is a sign of how much grief she’s gotten since the bill became law and how powerful we’ve become as a movement.

At the same time, Monsanto has been forced to issue a lame statement on their blog about the Monsanto Protection Act, which claims that the use of the Monsanto Protection Act somehow “falsely labeled” the provision, which seems strange since Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO) from their home state claims to have “worked” with Monsanto to write the provision.

Right now Monsanto and the biotech industry are working desperately to change the story about how they’ve corrupted the democratic process and hide the truth about GMOs and everyone’s help is needed to stop them.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” ~  Edmund Burke

The idea here, and call to action is to DO SOMETHING. Over the past five years, because of small contributions Food Democracy Now! has been able to create a Movement of People, by the People and for the People to protect our food supply. The work is more important today and even the smallest contribution helps.

Keeping it real, I will let you all know that while I am all about supporting this cause my family and I are not in the financial position to contribute anything aside from our time. I spend countless hours researching for the greater good for not only my family and friends, but the community I have established here, online. This blog post is specifically intended to shed light on the realities of this epidemic and to spread the word to those who may not know so they can protect their family and participate anyway they can in this crucial movement.

If you are in the position to contribute something, please feel free to click the image below — otherwise, simply re-blog this post or share it with your sphere of influence every way you know how! 🙂

Stop Monsanto

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Further, I must point out that Hawai’i has been the experimental chemical test lab of the world for genetic engineering. If you have not yet watched this video — I encourage you to do so! —>

Source: HawaiiGMO Justice

Over 90% of the experimental chemical testing on Hawai’i is research to fatten factory farmed animals.

Surf Legend, Kelly Slater has become a huge advocate — here is the Hawai’i GMO Justice newest trailer here:

LOTS of information out there friends — please educate yourself in mere efforts to protect your family. If you lack the time or wherewithal to do so, please subscribe to this blog and I will provide that information for you! 🙂

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