Speechless Sunday

THANK YOU all so much for showing your love, kindness, & prayers regarding my “insomnia” Instagram photo — I was completely overwhelmed by all the love when I saw the notifications the following morning! ♥ We definitely still need all our Prayer Warriors out there — we had the scheduled consult on Wednesday with the Doctor regarding my Dad’s latest MRI results, which I’ll share about more in another post. As always —  giving it all to the good Lord and praying His will is for healing: “Let God do His work, and it will work!”

And after so. much. serious. in our lives, I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to just have fun with friends this weekend. 🙂 A group of mostly Hawai’i friends got together at the HopScotch Tasting in Fremont Studios and had a blasty blast. We ended up making friends with the people at the Seattle Met photo booth–I can’t believe how many photos we ended up taking! Here’s a few in a collage I made for this Speechless Sunday post! 😉

Hopscotch Festival

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”

How is/was YOUR weekend? Did you get to have fun?

Are you still friends with people from grade/intermediate/high school?


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