Friday Favorites!

Sharing my “Friday Faves” last week was so much fun. I was excited to do it again this week, so I’m glad I found something to get me back into “blogging”. I’m still trying to navigate my time management to fit in previous things I used to do regularly, but it’s all about baby steps and finding that balance, right!?

Here we go!

1. GlassDharma, the original glass straw.¬†I have been in love with these straws for YEARS. Not only are these glass straws gorgeous and sustainable, but they are handmade here in the U.S.A. and come with a lifetime warranty. And thank goodness because my Mom has literally been the one responsible for breaking all but ONE of my glass straws. ūüėČ Of course I’m not stressed because they can and will easily be replaced!¬†I also love that I can use GlassDharma¬†glass straws with my Young Living essential oils and take them with me on the go because they have these perfect little hemp sleeves to protect the glass straw. You can check them out¬†HERE.¬†If you like what you see definitely participate in their annual Earth Day giveaway because they will be¬†donating 500 glass straws!

2. Aromatherapy School! It’s no secret — essential oils have changed my life for the better and I’m¬†officially going to school to become a¬†French Medicinal Aromatherapist. I’m so freakin’¬†excited.

3. The Dollar Store.¬†I’m not sure how I’m only learning about this amazing store within the last year or so but I’m so excited to have a handful of great ones in my local area.I mostly splurge¬†on gift stuff (I.E. gift boxes, bags, tissue paper, packing shreds, wrapping paper etc.) because that stuff is EXPENSIVE everywhere else. I took my Mom to check it out the other day and she was just like me the first time I was¬†there, “EVERYTHING in here is a dollar?!” There was some super cute Spring inspired/gardening stuff, so definitely go check one out if you’re near one!

¬†4. Sol Raiz Organics.¬†Just like I only trust Young Living for my essential oils, I ONLY trust Sol Raiz Organics for my Maca. Whether you’re new to Maca or a veteran it’s important to know that 99.9% of the Maca on store shelves are¬†NOT Lepidium Peruvianum Chacon, but actually Lepidium meyenii.

Watch this short video to understand — It will BLOW your mind.


Get yourself some Sol Raiz Maca from your local Wholefoods or order from their website HERE.


Friday Faves v2.0


5. Young Living Rose Ointment. SO thankful for this. I seem to be constantly battling winter skin regardless of season and my lips are easily chapped no matter how much water I consume. THIS is my secret weapon for correcting and maintaining hydrated, nourished, happy lips & skin!! It lasts a really long time, too! So far two seasons with plenty left!!

6. Sorry Not Sorry. It’s true, I’m guilty of silently assessing everyone’s oily needs at all times. I’m not trying to “fix” anyone, I just know there is literally a plant/oil for everything. Go ahead, think of something. YUUUUP!

7. Gardening!¬†We have been having INCREDIBLE weather and my green thumb is back in full force. I took the last two seasons off so¬†I’m beyond motivated to get back at it. It’s so therapeutic for me, and let’s be honest — there’s nothing better than getting your hands dirty working with the earth. Where we used to live I was limited to a patio garden and as do-able¬†as that was, we finally have a perfect setting to go gangbusters with anything and everything we want now. I’ve been making lists and strategizing areas and I’m ready to get our edible garden(s) thriving!

8. Juicing!¬†Have you been introduced to¬†the¬†Tribest Greenstar Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Juicer, yet!? This juicer is legit and should be a kitchen staple in every home! [In my opinion] it’s the best masticating juicer and the only “better” juicer(s) on the market (last I checked!) would be it’s stainless steal sister, the Super Angel Juicer, &/or of course a Norwalk. Unfortunately both of those are completely out of my price range. ūüėČ However, I have the perfect “work around” with¬†the Welles Juice Press, which would perfectly compliment my GSE5000! The¬†pulp is already super dry, but the Welles Press¬†is just a great addition for literally achieving the highest quality juice. Cheers!


I hope you enjoyed my Friday Faves! Don‚Äôt forget to share some of yours in a comment &/or let me know if you post on your own blog so I can check it out! I‚Äôve already got a list going for next week (again)… I love it! ūüėČ

Have a great weekend!

‚̧ jenn