Opening Day 2015

Saturday (5/2/15) was the 29th Annual Windermere Cup and Opening Day here in Seattle! This is a HUGE day in the Pacific Northwest.  We’re talking, International Rowing Regatta, Official Boating Season Kick Off, and the world’s largest Boat Parade. All in one spot. Right here. In my beautiful city! Washington is actually one of the top 10 states, which have the highest rates of registered boats in the U.S. And this makes total sense since we’re surrounded by hundreds of miles of gorgeous water and everyone here absolutely LOVES to be in, on, or near it at all times! Plus? The weather has been absolutely PERFECT.

Opening Day

The Windermere Cup & Boat Parade has always been a favorite event for me and my Dad. We were able to go together in 2012, and I will never forget our special Father-Daughter experience. I wasn’t planning on going this year but my sweet friend and fellow Broker, Dawn had an extra ticket and thought of me! I’m so blessed we were able to go. I was thinking of my Dad the entire time, remembering how much fun we had admiring all the gorgeous yachts and of course cheering on the crews racing toward the finish line!

Shore Party!

We found a perfect spot literally front and center on a corner dock overlooking the entire Montlake Cut. We were spoiled rotten with a GORGEOUS Pacific Northwest day, catered breakfast and lunch as well as an open bar and clean restrooms nearby. We literally couldn’t have asked for more.


Our obscene views consisted of beautiful yachts lined up along the course through Montlake Cut to the finish line. Watching the crews pass by was so invigorating and it really made me miss paddling! I definitely want to get back in the boat!!

All Set!

This is truly one of Seattle’s best traditions and if you ever have the opportunity to go — you should! There was nothing better than soaking in all the sunshine and cheering on the Huskies as they took on world-class competition with the World Champion Men’s New Zealand Rowing Team and traditional power Columbia Heavyweight Rowing facing the UW men’s crew, and No. 3 Virginia match up against the No. 4 UW women’s crew!!

Opening Day

After the races we were greeted with a flyby from the U.S. Army’s premier attack and utility helicopters – two Apaches and two Black Hawks — and it was pretty darn cool to catch a glimpse of those birds in the sky! I was caught off guard and was entirely too distracted to get a quality photo or video so this one was all I was able to capture!

Apache + Blackhawk

This was such a fun day — I’m so happy to have been able to experience it again. I think I might have to continue the tradition next year, too. You should join me! 🙂

Did you attend the Windermere Cup this year?

Have you ever been to a Windermere Cup?

Are you a boat/water person?

God Bless,


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