21 Days of Prayer

Making God The Foundation of Your Journey

The 21 Days of Prayer For Your Business was inspired by Monique McLean, and yesterday we kicked off Day One for 2017. I have been so excited to start this because I missed the one from last year, and Monique and I just have a very similar story so all this is near and dear to my heart. I’ve also been wanting to do intentional, focused prayer for awhile now and even though I know I can do this all on my own at anytime — I appreciate the group approach because I know how important community is and I really liked the idea of doing this along side my friends!

It’s important to note that I won’t be posting each day of the 21-days here on my blog. Instead, I wanted to make sure I at least shared Day One for you in case it caught your eye and is something you’re interested in participating in. This 21-days of prayer can be applied to life in general &/or any career you are in so I hope you don’t feel boxed it, because all are welcome. Come exactly as you are.

Below is the Day One video, which I encourage you to watch, especially the first 10-ish minutes in case you have questions. This is an entirely free “event” and everything will be available indefinitely. If you’re on Facebook and want to join the 50K to Pray group you can click HERE. When you get added, make sure you browse the pinned post and then jump into the discussions if you want because it’s a very active + welcoming group. If you’re not on Facebook, that’s okay, too, because Monique uploads the “Facebook Live” videos to her YouTube Channel. In fact, I created an easy to reference Playlist HERE.

While you do NOT need the workbook to participate, if you happen to want one, you can get it HERE. They also offer small bundles in the event you have your own Bible Study or Small Group, which I think is nice.


21 Days of Prayer — Day One — Give God Control

My personality is to naturally look for solutions to any given problem, with the innate mindset of, “How can I fix this?”. I’m also that person who will by default do things on my own as long as possible before seeking help. This is probably why my researching game is on point. However, Day One was a huge reminder for me how I need to give God control, in all ways, on the daily.

Day One homework in the workbook was great to kickstart this 21-days of prayer. I’m excited to be doing this and know it’s going to transform me as an individual, a professional, and a leader.

Again, don’t worry if you don’t have the book — Monique references // reads what is in the book in the videos and you can follow along // write in your own journal or notebook.

Walk It Out Points

  • Reflect on a few things today. Why do you want to give God control? What does giving God control look like to you? Talk to Him about this process. Explain your fears to the Lord. Talk to Him like you would your best friend. Nothing formal necessary.
  • Commit to these 21-days of focused time with the Lord. Stick it out. Make // find the time.
  • Start each day by telling the Lord you want Him to have control. Ask Him to open doors and guide your steps.
  • Find a friend to walk out these 21-days with you. Discuss your thoughts about each day’s topic.
  • Memorize and meditate on Proverbs 3:6 and Jeremiah 29:13

I loved how through out the day yesterday, so many of us randomly saw &/or were reminded of these these two scriptures — it was pretty wild — especially since we don’t believe in coincidences!

I also came across this song from Natalie Grant, Kind Of The World, and I wanted to share it here because I feel like it goes perfectly with “Letting Go and Letting God”. I absolutely LOVE this song!

King Of The World

I hope you enjoyed that song and I hope you are inspired by this blog post. Sometimes praying is overcomplicated, and this is a great way to get into the habit of praying. I like to look at praying as a direct line to Jesus and He is #1 on my speed dial! 😉

Are you doing the 21 Days of Prayer?