365 Days Ago

It is hard to believe 365 days ago I wrote this post. I encourage you to read that post again or for the first time if you are new around here (welcome!) because it really captures how none of my closest friends even knew/know what was/is going on in my life then/now. I wasn’t able to talk about our situation, much less form the words on paper or on a computer screen — and even then, most people in my immediate sphere didn’t even know this blog existed — still don’t! I suppose I could be that woman — you know, the one filled with secrets. I have amazing friends — and all of you — but let’s be real: I hold things in!

While I was completely unable to share about my family medical emergency in that post and several posts thereafter, I was finally able to formulate the words a solid year later in this post.

December 16th, 2011 was kind of a blur. I remember feeling numb, but strong with a take-charge attitude. My Brother drove my Mom, Zoë and I to the Kahului airport and helped get us checked in. Even if we didn’t make our standby flight, our luggage sure would!

We said our goodbyes and while “going through the motions” my Mom and I were still our positive selves. We then headed for the TSA security check point and went to our gate. I remember it being a PACKED flight and we were lucky to even get on…especially with a dog! We ended up in the very last row, which was definitely a blessing because we were tucked away in our own little corner of the plane — plus the flight attendant in that section was AMAZING! He was very compassionate about our situation, knew that we were flying via a “buddy pass” because of our medical emergency, and totally hooked me up with raw/plant-based food!

Here are a few pictures of that day I don’t think I ever got around to sharing…   

Leaving on a Jet Plane Leaving Paradise

My heart was heavy… I was leaving paradise–my home, all my friends and Godchildren, the lifestyle I loved and would miss so much (again!). My heart was also heavy because all those things I loved and would miss so much would never be the same even if I stayed, because in this moment of heavy burden… nothing mattered except for my family.

Seattle BoundMy Carry-OnSecond Carry-OnAre we there yet!Raw Vegan Airplane FoodSea-Town

We have officially lived in Seattle for ONE YEAR now, and I can barely believe it. I cannot believe everything my family has gone through over this last year, and how much we have learned and grown as individuals.

I wish I could list off a bunch of highlights of our journey, but perhaps that will be a future post. I have been the worst at updating this blog; however, I really want to change that for the better. Not only do I want this blog to be a place for my family and friends to reflect &/or keep updated on things, but also to share what we have all learned over our transformation and to open our arms to those who may be going through the same or similar crisis.

I know this Speechless Sunday post is late — and not speechless — but that’s just par for the course around here, isn’t it? 😉

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Tell me — what was your favorite part? 

If you have any prayer requests please leave them in a comment below or email me directly.


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