Speechless Sunday [Worn]

“I’m Worn” by Tenth Avenue North

This song is my Psalms the last two weeks, it seems. I may have heard it several times before, but only recently I resonated with it so wholeheartedly. As I was listening to it, I was completely consumed by the lyrics of the song. My heart felt like it was overflowing and I was internally calling out to the Lord with utter angst regarding every. single. thing. going on in my life. My thoughts and feelings were so in-tune with everything about this song…

Has that ever happened to you?

I don’t think I am easily overwhelmed, so when those feelings come — it feels as if I have been hit by an 18-wheeler.

And I’m exhausted!

Lately, I feel as if I have been completely misunderstood, disrespected, undervalued, replaceable, and unloved. Not all by one person specifically, but collected over time, perhaps.

I’m a problem-solver, a do-er, and in my profession A LOT of “problems” arise and I have to “fix” them — work through them — and I do. But when problems start to pop up EVERYWHERE, it can get exhausting fast — and I’m exhausted.

I’m worn.

If you have been feeling “worn” like I have been, you may also want to read this post by Holley Gerth, author of “You’re Already Amazing” 🙂


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