Here Now (Madness)

It is breaking my heart observing so many family + friends become divided. The devil thrives on destroying relationships and Jesus needs to be in the center of everything we do. I choose to fix my eyes on Jesus. I lift everyone up in prayer, daily, hoping for unity. I’m currently listening to Hillsong United’s newest album, Dirt and Grace. They have a playlist on their YouTube channel, which I posted below, and I truly hope you listen + enjoy it and return often, to learn the lyrics and recharge your soul.

Dirt + Grace // Live From The Land


Life is so much more than our job, political opinion, and all the other things that skew our priorities. Take a time-out when you’re feeling overwhelmed and remember that The Creator of the universe has already mapped out your journey, He has walked before you, and you are an overcomer. He is in control. Leave your worries at His feet. You are chosen. You are free. Your cross has already been carried. Unclench your fists and open those palms toward the sky.

Your prospective will change.