I’ve been wanting to get back to blogging and found this post in my drafts folder! I must have seen this fun post floating around the blogosphere and since there are so many new subscribers (hi, friends!), I thought this would be a fun way to get to know me better — and maybe those of you who have known me for years or all my life will learn a thing or two? 😉

Four of my Nicknames…
1. deuce coupe / bird
2. smidge
3. gleeder
4. bru
* jenn, jenjen, auntie jenn/jenjen
Four Jobs I’ve Had…
3. residential + commercial real estate broker
Lemon Droppers
Four Movies I’ve Watched More than Once…
1. romeo + juliet
2. titanic
3. blood diamond
4. selena
Four Things in my Purse (other than my wallet)…
1. young living essential oils
2. planner
3. business cards
4. pepper spray
Four Place I’ve Lived…
1. seattle
2. maui
3. california
4. alabama
Seattle Skyline
Four Places I’ve Visited (Outside of the U.S.)…
1. canada
2. xxx
3. xxx
4. xxx
* clearly I need to work on this!
Four Place I’ve Visited (In the U.S.)…
1. south carolina
2. florida
3. tennessee
4. montana
Four Places on my Travel Bucket List…
1. new england
2. paris
3. amalfi coast
4. french polynesia
Four Things I Don’t Eat…
1. animals
2. refined sugar
3. dairy
4.  gluten
Four TV Shows I Watch…
1. modern family
2. the good wife
3. the black list
4. blue bloods
Four Things to Look Forward to this Year…
1. being the best version of me!
2. glamping in lavender fields under the Utah stars!
3. my dirty thirty birthday!

4. planning a trip somewhere new!

Dirty Thirty

Your turn — Don’t be shy! Answer one (or all!) of the questions in a comment below!

God Bless,


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