A Moment of Disgust

If you donʻt already know, Iʻm from Hawaiʻi and although my boyfriend is insistant on me being an Auburn Tigers fan (I am..calm down) I have always considered myself to be completely UNBIASED when it comes to SEC; when it comes to the NCAA for that matter!

I am a Warrior! And since our UH Warriors donʻt have a true rival, I have always

stood clear of the drama that comes with rivalry. No Houses Divided here. No annoying and obnoxious rival fans to deal with here. Thinking about it, Iʻve really only experienced sibling rivalry

My Dad and his side of the family however; is for the most part from & still lives in Seattle; thus making me an innate thoroughbred–if you will–Huskie fan whether I like it or not (I am..calm down).

My older Brother graduated from Arizona State University, thus I am of course, a 100% Sun Devil! Actually, Iʻm more of a Sun Goddess, but all that really matters is that Iʻm not a Lumberjack. Who are the Lumberjacks anyway?

Other than that? People. ..I really donʻt care!

Which is why I am utterly DISGUSTED with what happened this weekend with UGA @ AUBURN.

Most people think the University of Alabama (Crimson Tide) is Auburnʻs Rival..and letʻs not discredit this–THEY ARE! However; The Bulldogs are Auburns TRUE rivals; noted in history as the Deep Southʻs Oldest Rivalry

A long story short, the game football was introduced to Auburn in the fall of 1891 by Dr. George Petrie.. And on February 20th, 1892, Petrie took his team to Atlanta, Georgia, to play against his friend, Dr. Charles Hertyʻs team initiating the first SEC game (and victory)…

This was the VERY FIRST college game played in the South.

Auburn won; 10 – 0

From an excerpt of the reprinted Lee County Bulletin, Petrie explained that the “Georgia boys took their defeat like good sports.” That the “two teams mingled freely in the great hotel lobby. The friendly feeling between the two institutes which was so manifest then has continued to this day.”

I think not.

Dr. George Petrie would also be DISGUSTED by last weekends behavior…

On November 13th, 2010, on Auburnʻs turf, in the Tigerʻs den, the Deep Southʻs Oldest Rivalry played again.

Auburn won; 49 – 31

With 2 minutes left in the game, Georgia decides to play dirty–and succeeds–by getting two of our Auburn men kicked out of the first half of the Iron Bowl on 11/26/10


Hereʻs a detailed write up about it so I donʻt have to rehash it: http://tinyurl.com/24wpapb (in summary; we can’t figure out how Richt is able to portray himself so well off the field, but portrays himself so poorly on the field.  And lastly,  we can’t figure out how the Georgia football nation has not figured it out as well. ..11 players arrested. Really!?).

Further, these sore bulldog losers blatantly vandalize a treasured, historic, tradition/landmark; Toomerʻs Corner, by setting the decorated Oak Tree on fire.


What century is this?

At three or four separate occasions arson was performed at different parts of this beautifully rolled Oak Tree, and although newspapers are remaining neutral or perhaps cautious as to what they print, there were witnesses.

I recently found out that ʻBama fans did this very thing a few years back after a loss as well, and you know know what?

I am now a BIASED Auburn fan.

Screw Georgia and their “bulldogs”…who would want to be a bulldog anyway? Have you heard their victory chant? I have.. and itʻs OBNOXIOUS! You couldnʻt pay me to bark like a dog at the end of their ridiculous song & dance. Iʻm particularly glad they lost this past weekend because after every touchdown they would flip out like theyʻve never scored before. Yeah. ..uh, us Auburn fans are all about touchdowns, be we get rowdy for WINS… Those Georgia Bulldogs should have their tail between their legs.

Screw Bama and their “roll tide roll”. Now my blood gets to a rolling boil. Now, I literally canʻt stand the color crimson. Ohh & no-no people, itʻs not RED, itʻs crimson. Letʻs not ruin a great color like RED with itʻs affiliation with this batch of redneck hicks. Holy crap. The behavior speaks for itself and should need no explanation… and if it does? Thatʻs seriously for another blog post.

Letʻs just sit back for a second and enjoy the fact that the very first game Auburn had with Bama–AUBURN WON! And the year thereafter BAMA CHEATED!

Bunch of sore losers. At least Iʻm just ranting & not starting fires..

But Iʻm done anyway. Just had to get that off my chest.

If youʻre a Georgia fan? Get off my blog. ..

If youʻre a Bama fan? Get off my blog. ..

If youʻre an Auburn fan? YOU TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!! . ..WAAAAAR EAGLE!!!