Hana Relay 2011

The other day, my forever friend, Island Style Running, Mrs. L, mentioned participating in the Hana Relay. Iʻm not gonna lie. My first reaction was “Um. No!?!” …I mean seriously, the first few sentences express 52 miles of 617 curves and 56 bridges…and when you keep reading, you learn that the run begins at Kahului Airport and [duh] finishes in Hana! ..Ball Park, to be exact! Can I just say [right now] as I am thinking about it, I dread even the drive to Hana, let alone a brisk RUN! Donʻt get me wrong, Hana is beyond BEAUTIFUL, it would no doubt be majestic running through our luscious Hawaiian rainforest..in fact, it may just be the most breathtaking experience I am ever part of….

With that being said, I was eeeeeeeasily convinced to participate, especially when we put together a 6-gal team in record time. This event isnʻt until September *THANK GOD* because I really need to lose weight –er, train. Iʻve packed on some mainland meat. Some Southern Comfort, if you will. And honestly? I canʻt even remember the last time I ran… which scares me a little since weʻre being honest. This fear has instigated a desire to run, so when I do? I hope I freakinʻ love it. Iʻve always had a love/hate relationship with running, so I really hope it hasnʻt transitioned to just hate. Iʻm thinking about joining the gym, but Iʻm not sure if thatʻs ridiculous since I live in paradise?

Anyway, has anyone participated or volunteered for this event? The website is helpful with some ʻfirst timer tipsʻ and even some faqʻs, but Iʻd love an insiderʻs point of view… Let me know if youʻre planning on participating this year, too!

Also… Hereʻs the event details if you chose not to click on the link above:

Race Date: September 10, 2011
Start: 5:30am-6:45am. Kahului Airport, Maui
Finish: Hana Ball Park
Teams: 6 person teams, each member runs 3 legs.
Distance: Fifty-two miles

Start times will be at 15 minute intervals beginning at 5:30 a.m. SHARP!
Teams will be seeded into one of six start times.

The 52 mile course begins in the Kahului Airport area and will proceed along the Hana Highway to the finish line at the Hana Ball Park.

(150 team limit)  Each team should consist of 6 members. Teams consisting of fewer than 6 members will be placed in the Open Division.  Team fees are based on 6 runners per team. Therefore, teams consisting of fewer than 6 runner’s must still pay for 6 runners. Each member MUST run 3 legs of the course (Approximately 2-3 miles a leg).  One vehicle per team.

For purposes of competition and awards, divisions are:

* Men’s Open
* Women’s Open
* Mixed
* Men’s Masters
* Women’s Masters
* Mixed Masters
* Open
* Hotel/Resturants

Mixed- 2 or more team members of the opposite sex
Masters- team members 40 years or older.
All teams qualify for spirit competition based on enthusiasm, sportsmanship and coordination

Entry Fees:
For entries post marked before August 26th,
VIRR Member-  $35 per runner
Nonmember-  $40 per runner

No mailed entries after September 1, 2010.
Late entry-  $50 per runner

Mailed entries will not be accepted after the 5th!


Each Team will remit ONE cashiers check or money order. No cash, credit cards or personal checks accepted.
Make cashiers check or money order payable to:
VIRR, Hana Relay
P.O. Box 330099
Kahului,  HI  96733

teams should check the virr.com web site for lists of confirmed teams. Captains will be required to pick up runners numbers, T-shirts, batons, vehicle placards, course rules, description and information at:

Ale House
355 E. Kamehameha Ave., Kahului.
Kahului, HI 96732
The day before the race.
Between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Free refreshments, live music, food and awards. A local charity will be selling food.

The Most Spirited Award will be given to the team that demonstrates good sportsmanship both on and off the course.  Extra points for creative van decoration and/or zany costumes.  No drug enhancements, please.

We still need more volunteers.  Anyone wishing to help please contact: Joe Alueta by email e-mail at hanarelay@virr.com.