Fitness Inspiration

About a month ago 6 Pack Fitness hosted a flash giveaway on their facebook page with simple instructions to comment on what Gold’s Gym their DURUS 300 is Traveling Fit in (pictured below), and then name your favorite athlete hanging on the wall behind it. You got extra points for sharing WHY, and I have to say… I just can’t get my answer out of my mind!

Do you have one of these? Of so, how is it? #IWant

I hope that doesn’t sound cocky, after all, I didn’t win the giveaway or anything, but here was my answer:

“Venice. Aaaaarnold. Ultimate BodyBuilding Inspiration. Love ALL the photos though because they make me push it when I’m struggling with a tough workout:)”

I’m a rebel, too, Arnold!

I recently joined Gold’s Gym because I just couldn’t say no to a smokin’ membership deal and I’m happy to report I absolutely love working out there. I’m not a class or cardio junkie… I’m mostly pumping iron with the meatheads and I’ve only had one [douche] encounter since joining–no big deal though–funny story for another post! 🙂

Like most athletes I took a break from the whole hard core fitness scene for awhile. However, I think it’s safe to say I’m back in the saddle full force and happily addicted dedicated again. I’m not training for a Marathon or to be the next Ms. Olympia. Just enjoying ultimate healthy living and pushing my body to the limit with each workout.

My Brother introduced this awesome strength workout routine that we’re doing for about six weeks — I’ll share the workout deets and my jaw dropping (strength) progress in another post because I definitely think anyone who loves lifting will love this routine and benefit from it.

Anyway, at some point during each workout I find myself looking up at these [inspirational] posters and pushing it harder. No matter how heavy the weight, set, etc. my motivation is focused on conquering and earning the results I’m working hard toward and had to share it with you!

Do you have any fitness inspirations?

Who is your fitness inspiration?

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