The Key To Our Hearts

I have a new obsession: The Silver Maple. Many of you already know about this inspiring company, but for those of you who don’t — allow me to introduce this fantastic small business based in San Diego, California.

LOGO - The Silver Maple

First and foremost, The Silver Maple has a mission to INSPIRE. “To celebrate the accomplishments of women — because they’re simply amazing.” Too often women underplay their super-hero attributes and The Silver Maple is all about celebrating those victories — whatever they may be — through personalized, handcrafted, fitness-inspired jewelry — to celebrate YOU!

Silver Maple Collage

The very sweet and generous Diana, who is the Social Media Butterfly behind The Silver Maple, created a very special piece for me — it is very dear to my heart as it literally represents an idea I had almost two years ago, which is now becoming a reality.

HE > ____

Since receiving this beautiful custom necklace — I have not taken it off! I wear it everyday, with every outfit knowing that it was made with love. It matches everything — casual or fancy — and carries a huge symbol with it that means so much to me.

This specific custom piece is the old fashioned 1 3/8″ copper key, which is lovingly personalized by hand and then hammered and brushed to create a beautiful vintage look — which I LOVE! It accommodates up to 8 small characters, which as you can see, mine was customized with  .. HE > ..  which translates our Awesome God Above is Greater than all things — you name it — even Cancer. The generously added photo charm is The Serenity Prayer, which definitely gives this piece an extra special touch. You can customize your photo charms, too! 🙂

Silver Maple Collage

I was thoroughly impressed with the packaging this special piece came in. It’s always exciting receiving mail — but it’s even more exciting when the packaging is as pretty and personalized as the special piece itself! All I could think of while unwrapping everything is how perfect The Silver Maple is for gifts. I have so many special women in my life — I know that every single one of them would absolutely LOVE receiving a special package like this. Even now my mind is racing thinking of custom pieces based off various friends personality, lifestyle, and accomplishments!


Wouldn’t you love receiving something this beautiful? Even Zoë was impressed…

Zoe Wearing NecklaceShe thinks the dainty, delicate piece matches her outfit as well!! 😉

The Silver Maple prices their pieces very reasonably. For example, this personalized piece, Key To My Heart, is $36, and thanks to their Summer Special, the Photo Charm was FREE! ($19 Value) 🙂

The Silver Maple offers more than necklaces and bracelets though, so definitely check out their website as they always seem to be adding more special pieces. They even have Cuff Links for the special men in your life!

Everyone at The Silver Maple is easy to work with and they truly want you to love whatever you design — meaning, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, they will work with you until you are happy!

With THAT being said — I am SO EXCITED to share with you all that The Silver Maple is offering $10 Gift Cards to EVERYONE who registers.

All you have to do is >>> click here <<< or the image below & remember to put “Jenn’s Adventures” as the referrer. 

Gift Card Button

How great is that?! Everyone is a winner now, and it couldn’t be any easier — you just have to register! And this couldn’t be better timing if you ask me! Everyday we’re alive is a gift, but the holiday’s are right around the corner, too!! Now you can kickstart your collection or a friends collection of The Silver Maple jewelry with any piece you want and $10 toward that purchase! 🙂

Again, DON’T FORGET to put “Jenn’s Adventures” as the “referrer”! 

If you haven’t already, definitely connect with The Silver Maple:

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Also, to add a little more detail in regards to my VERY SPECIAL piece that The Silver Maple created for me, continue reading:

When Diana asked for some ideas in order to create a personalized piece, I explained to her that in November 2011, my Dad was diagnosed with a Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumor (pNET). Obviously our world was completely turned upside down and my family and I immediately relocated from Maui, Hawai’i to Seattle, Washington for better diagnosing and a treatment plan. I shared with Diana that since that diagnosis day our/my faith has become even stronger than it was before and praying/surrendering all of our trials and tribulations to Jesus has literally become a daily devotion. Further, health and fitness has become a family passion whereas before it was primarily just a passion me & my Brother shared. I explained to Diana that it absolutely warms my heart to know my entire family not only submits everything to our Creator — the Key to our Eternities, but also cares about what they put into their body!

I also explained that since my Dad’s journey began I have been inspired to create a 501(c)3 (nonprofit) in efforts to reach out to as many people who are &/or have been affected by Cancer. So without further adieu, I am so excited and very proud to share with you all that this idea has officially become a reality!

He Is Greater is a 501(c)3 dedicated to helping families affected by Cancer as well as providing an innumerable amount of tools & resources. It is a nonprofit that donators can feel confident giving to because ALL donations raised go directly to struggling families affected by cancer. 

Speaking from experience, when you or someone you care about is diagnosed with the “C” word it feels like you are spinning out of control into a black hole. Personally, I dove into complete “research mode” and found that there was literally no substantive or organized quality searches or resources for us.

This further inspired me to ensure that HE > (He Is Greater) become that quality resource for those affected — to be that first stop in the midst of chaos to provide quality links and information during such a time-sensitive, raw, emotional, and vulnerable time.

While there is still tons to do in all regards to He Is Greater, I found it appropriate to share it with you all today — to better explain my beautiful custom Silver Maple piece!

Stay tuned for numerous imminent HE > updates by connecting via:

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Disclaimer: The Silver Maple sent me the reviewed product free of charge with the hope that I might write about it; opinions are entirely my own.

P.S. Interested in having me review YOUR product &/or host a giveaway here on Jenn’s Adventures? I’d love to have you! Email me!! 🙂