I’m the type of person who researches E V E R Y – T H I N G. Every single day, through conversations etc. there is always SOMETHING that will come up where I make a note to either research something or forward information to someone. My personality forces me to dig deeper than most and my energy spent in efforts to provide truly credible sources for reference, are my gifts to you! I like helping others and enjoy being a go-to resource you can trust.

Unfortunately I recently LOST the majority of my various researched topics I completed over the last 3 years, so I decided to create this for continuous reference. Right here is where you will find my ever growing arsenal of various information concerning health and all things essential oils related. If you can’t find something, please, email me. 🙂

Essential Oil Books:

Essential Oil DIY Supplies:

Leadership Related Books:

Juicing Related Books:

Cancer Related Books:


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