essential oils

Lavender BundleThere’s been a lot of chatter about Essential Oils lately, hasn’t there? Is it hype or do these little bottles of liquid actually work? Well I’m glad you asked because it really depends on several different very important factors. Thankfully I have over 10 years of research on this topic boomeranging around in my brain and LOVE sharing what I learn, so grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea and let’s get down to business!

Let’s face it, I’m notorious for information overload. #amiright? In efforts to ease expected overwhelming feelings I have written out several posts to break up all the information into sections. HOWEVER, if you have a driver personality and want to “get to the point” you can click HERE to read one of my favorite posts, which includes darn near everything you need to know. It’s long, but on point if I do say so myself!




what are essential oils?

essential oils 101

essential oils + detoxing

essential oils + pregnancy

why I only trust young living

want to learn more?

how to order


 Lavender Bundle


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