Tech-y Tuesday | Facebook Policies

Is it just me, or are Facebook’s Privacy Policies changing ALL. THE. TIME!??!

I was going to mention this in a status update, but hello, you probably wouldn’t see it! Apparently Facebook’s new policies make it so when “like” pages post a status update only about 20% of the people that “like” the page see it. If “like” page owners want their entire fan base to see their status updates Facebook requires them to pay per post. HA! I don’t think so Zuckerberg.

With that being said, I want to make sure those of you who “like” me on facebook are still up to date with all my most recent and informative news! Simply follow these steps to keep seeing Jenn’s Adventures in your facebook News Feed:

1) Go to the top of my Facebook page, and find the “Liked” button (if you haven’t liked Jenn’s Adventures yet, this will just say “Like”)
2) Hover over the “Liked” button to reveal a drop down menu
3) Select “Show in News Feed” to see my posts directly in your feed!

That’s it!

PS: The winner of the AMAZING 808 Shells giveaway is the lovely Shelly, Author of It’s Just One Foot in Front of the Other!! Congratulations Shelly!! I am so excited for you:) Email Me your address and we’ll get the Pink Honu Shell you like so much sent out to you asap!

Also, if you missed my 808 Shells review, you should definitely read about it here. 808 Shells is an awesome Maui company, and I’m spreading the Aloha for them because I LOVE seeing authentic Hawai’i Culture outside of the 808 state. 🙂

Thank you 808 Shells for sponsoring this generous giveaway! 

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