He Is Alive

Easter has always been an emotional celebration for me. Many of you know I’m a PASSIONATE individual and to say I am overwhelmed by God’s Grace and ultimate sacrifice is truly an understatement. Almost a year ago I composed and published [this post].

Since then I have been in this continuous conscious state of disbelief and remembrance. There is just no other way I can describe it. I have yet to adjust to this new reality of living in a life where my Dad is not physically here with us. I struggle daily with the repetitive realization that my Dad is Heaven with Jesus and not here with us. My internal battle is wanting him here with me, but also knowing and loving that he has Eternal Life with our Savior.

This day each year will forever have even more emotion tied to it.

Easter | He Is RisenI have not been able to express myself through words (how I would like to anyway) for quite some time, which has been particularly frustrating. However, I have been able to connect my emotions to several beautiful songs. One song in particular. I shared this song last year, and I am sharing it again because it is so incredibly beautiful.

My connection to this song is on such a personal level because both my Heavenly Father and Earthly Father Lives. They are Alive. Forever. When I listen to this song I feel closer to Heaven. When I instinctively lift my hands up, it is as if I can feel their embrace.

Just because they are up in Heaven, does not mean they are not near.

I hope you take a moment to watch/listen and truly take in the lyrics on this Resurrection Sunday. Happy Easter to you and your loved ones.


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