Monday Madness

Life has been particularly challenging for me as of late — and daylight savings seemed to have added to my laundry list of woes.

Spring Forward III



Today is a crazy busy day and my number one priority is to finish a paper that is due today — which I haven’t even started and know nothing about. Wish me luck.

I’ve noticed when life is all work and no play, or all serious and no fun I eventually hit a wall and become a very unhappy person. Normal, probably.

Soooo, in efforts to bring back the Sparkle in my life make sure you return to the blog again tomorrow for a super Sparkly surprise!

Here is my favorite song as of late concluding our Monday Madness theme 🙂

Do you think you know what the surprise is?

Guess in a comment below! 🙂


Jenn’s Adventures is Social:


3 thoughts on “Monday Madness

  1. Sparkly huh? Headbands maybe…

    6:45 felt like the crack of dawn this morning and I’m already feeling like it’s bedtime so this Monday can’t be over fast enough. Hope the rest of your week is much better!

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