Speechless Sunday!

For this Speechless Sunday I wanted to showcase MUSIC and how much of an inspiration I think it is! 🙂 I listen to A LOT of music and for me — it feeds my soul!

Music can instantly turn a bad day into a better day, and I love rocking out in my car. As long as I’ve got good tunes — I bet I could drive for days!

I am a fan of ALL music — and I’ve always been super random. I love broadening my playlist, though, and since I bought my new car, it came with free Sirius XM Radio… which means I’m literally across the board!

With that being said, here are just a few tunes I recently Shazam’d just so I could share with you what’s playing through my speakers!

Music feeds my soul!

Are you a music lover?
What kind of music inspires you?
Do you rock out in your car?

Anything I MUST have on my playlists?


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One thought on “Speechless Sunday!

  1. I am pretty sure we have really similar music tastes and I’ve always really enjoyed using music to worship. Some songs capture exactly how I feel in a particular moment.

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