Monday Magic [Quick Pick-Me-Up]

Monday’s are always beyond crazy for me so I wanted to take a minute and just LAUGH!

Laughter is healing, and it’s contagious — so I hope you catch it 🙂 Enjoy this funny video that I just stumbled upon on YouTube. I realize I’m 10 months late to this party, but that’s nothing new! I usually lean on one of my Cousin’s and her Hubby to keep me updated on the classic “must see videos” — after all they told me about Gangnam Style months before it even went viral!

Anyway, without further adieu: What if guys and girls swapped roles at the bar? Take a look in to the flip side of things with this hilarious video directed by Jay Diaz 🙂

Are Monday’s always crazy for you, too?
Have you seen this video before?
If you know any “must see” videos share in a comment below!


6 thoughts on “Monday Magic [Quick Pick-Me-Up]

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