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To say that I am horrible at “updating” the current events in my life is truly an understatement. However, two little yet very odd fortune cookies prompted this post. Yup. They were so similar, they have held my intrigue and I thought I’d share them and the events that went with them!

On Thursday of last week a friend and I scored tickets to our very first NFL game — PreSeason or not, it was also our very first time experiencing Pro Football and the CenturyLink Stadium in Seattle, too! Did you know it is supposedly [one of] the loudest stadiums? I captured some video, but I’m too lazy to create/edit/upload – instead, how about some fun pictures that captured our moments at the Seahawks and Raiders game? It was such an experience!

We found relatively cheap parking in the International District and ate at one of Seattle’s top 11 restaurants in 2011 prior to the game —

I’ve never roamed around Chinatown here in Seattle yet, but I definitely want to one afternoon. I hear it is quite the experience. I figure if I survived Fashion District in Los Angeles, I can manage the International District here in SeaTown.

Our entrees:

Shrimp + Veggies & Veggie Fried Brown Rice

My fortune cookie:

Umm, I hate surprises — usually. Thanks, but no thanks?

After we woofed down the amazing Chinese food we crossed the street and I experienced my very first “Bubble Tea” — WTF?! I was in hysterics and made “ball” jokes the entire two block walk to the stadium. Mature — I know!

My friend ordered a Honey Dew something and the few sips I had were amazing. The straw was awkwardly large to accommodate the balls, and if I ever order one in the future she will definitely have to be with me to guide me through the process!

The first half of the game we were situated in stellar Season Holder Ticket seats with an entertaining bunch. The second half of the game we got in to the Club Level — One of the many benefits of being a woman! 😉

It was a fabulous game. 21 – 3 SEAHAWKS! We always do well PreSeason, don’t we? haha!

Here’s a shot of the stadium on our way back to the car… So pretty!!

The very next day my Mom and I ran errands together and ended up at P.F. Changs for lunch. Apparently I needed my Fried Rice fix last week because *ahem* I ordered another round…

Our entrees:

Veggie Spring Rolls & GF Crab Fried Rice

I “cheated” and couldn’t resist the fresh crab ‘n veggie fried rice. It was a new item on the menu and for the record, it tasted like heaven. I have to give PF Changs major props. Our waitress explained to me that she can put any type of food “allergy” (in my case it’s ingredients I want to avoid) into their system and it will print out suggested menu items excluding those ingredients. Our waitress kindly printed Gluten & Soy Free items for me and I’m pumped because there’s tons of options and makes it easier for next time.

Anyway, on to the star of this post — here’s my second fortune cookie from that week:

..Well that’s specific!

Perhaps these fortune cookies were bought in bulk by the same supplier, or if they are true, maybe they’re a week late because I was recently spoiled by Suz and Misty! Not sure about the “freeing” and the “success” aspects. Today is Tuesday though, and it’s still early so we’ll see. It is also coincidently my [ex]boyfriend’s birthday. Although I don’t feel freed, and I’d hardly call our current situation a success! Awkward.

Have you ever been to a NFL game? Where? 
Are you into Fortune Cookies? — I date & keep all of mine!
Have you heard of or tried Bubble Tea before? If so, what kind?


12 thoughts on “Recent Happenings

  1. I’ve never heard of Bubble Tea before. It sounds interesting. I still have yet to go to an NFL game so that’s on my list sometime this season. It looks like you two had a great time at the game!

    • Suz the NFL game was soooo much fun!! You will definitely try to make it to one this season — especially with Tennessee being so close! If I ever make it out again, maybe we can coordinate. We’ll also search for Bubble Tea because you definitely have to try it!! =)

  2. OMG you’ve just tried bubble tea? Sorry, I have failed you as a friend…

    In SD we called it boba… and it is yummy!

    I love thai iced tea w/ boba. There was a place up the road from USD called Green Tea House, a small mom/pop store that sold all types of milk teas, smoothies, concotions with boba. There was a corporate store next to it called Tapioca Express. Unfortunately Green Tea House shut down (so I heard) so if you’re ever in SD, look up Tapioca Express. You won’t be disappointed (even though it is a chain).

    Anyway- yes, the hubbs and I treat ourselves to bubble/boba teas about once a month.

    • Can you believe I had absolutely never even heard of it until now?! Learn something new in China Town!! hehe! Next time I’m gonna have to order the thai iced tea w/boba because I luuuuurve thai tea. I wonder if they can make it with coconut milk instead tho.. hmmm already changing things up! OH! And I totally just googled Tapioca Express AAAND there’s one here in Edmonds!!! I’m flipping going there TONIGHT! Thanks love!!

  3. How did I just read all about your epic surprise?! I LOVE SURPRISES! Last year for my dad’s birthday we surprised him and he thought he was going on vacation with my mum, and his friend and his wife to the Dominican. He got to the airport to find me, my sister, and some other friends. That night on the resort he was surprised by his sister who flew over from England. It was an amazing surprise and I have no idea how it was kept a secret for 3 months.

    • WOW!!!!! That is such an awesome surprise!! Those on-going surprises truly are the best — what a blessing for your Dad!! Major props to all of you for keeping such an exciting secret! I can’t even pretend that was the hardest part for me — and my biggest fear was that the secret would some how get leaked and spoil everything! Surprises are STRESSFULLLLLL but soooo worth it!!!!

  4. Okay, I am not sure what to be most stunned by first… the Chinese food X2 or the EX boyfriend comment? I have to say though that live NFL is fun and that SeaHawks venue is awesome for certain. Bubble tea is just weird. 🙂

    • OMG Elle — You are the ONLY one who picked up on that!!!! No one else did OR they just let it slide.

      To say life has been tough is a complete understatement. Probably the main reason I’ve been M.I.A. — Keeping myself busy professionally and socially so I don’t go crazy. Perhaps that explains the carb loading? 😉

      PS: For anyone wondering — I have received no surprise announcement “freeing me” and Tuesday of last wasn’t was any more successful than the day prior and I do not recall any “pleasant surprises” — I still love fortune cookies though.

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