I know I’ve been on a semi blogging hiatus, but I simply cannot keep this a secret from you guys any longer!

I was strolling through the grocery store a few weeks ago and was surprised to find fresh Organic Wheatgrass in the produce section. On top of that, is was 2 for $5 so I couldn’t not get it.

Did you know you DON’T need a wheatgrass juicer to make wheatgrass shots? All you need is a blender and you’re good to go! I have a VitaMix, which I absolutely recommend because it pays for itself 10-fold, but even an old school blender will work just fine for this.

Follow these directions and you’ll be in business:

What you will need: Wheatgrass, Blender, Water, 3 Ice cubes (ginger/lemon = optional), Bowl, Strainer + Paper Towel (or Mesh/Cloth/Coffee Filter).

1. Clip your wheatgrass directly into your blender. How much is up to you — at least 1/4 cup! Less = weak(er) More = strong(er)

2. Add at least one cup of water + three ice cubes and blend for a good 60 seconds or more depending on the quality of your blender. Sometimes I throw in a thumb sized ginger and half a lemon depending on my mood (doing so greatly improves the overall taste, however, I promise the “grass taste” will grow on you when you drink it plain-jane).

3. After blending is finished grab your bowl, strainer, and paper towel (or Mesh/Cloth/Nylon/Coffee Filter etc!) and slowly pour all your wheatgrass into it. (This step is necessary because the wheatgrass fibers are indigestible and need to be strained out before drinking 🙂 )

4. As you can see, my paper towel method works just fine, so don’t make any special trips for something fancy. After pouring all my wheatgrass into my paper towel I gather all the loose ends and slowly twist the rest of the liquid out.

5. & 6. Sometimes there’s an explosion if you get a little too excited or squeeze the paper towel too tightly. The last time I made this, there was a “pop” and the foam fibers went everywhere — try not to do that LOL!

7. TA DAAA! Now you have a bowl full of Wheatgrass ready to serve! Measure out shots, or put in a tall glass a refrigerate for later. I would try to consume it within 24 – 48 hours.

I like to take at least one shot a day for maintenance. I have done as many as three shots a day, however, I strongly suggest easing yourself into this form of Vitality if you’re a newbie because wheatgrass is known to make some people feel a little queasy — this is because it is a very potent detoxifyer packed with oxygen.

Other benefits include (but are not limited to!):

  • Restores Alkalinity in the blood as well as cleanses and builds the blood
  • Is high in several different Enzymes (read more about the importance of Enzymes here)
  • Helps treatments and prevention of cancers (due to high oxygen content)
  • Increases energy levels
  • Assists with healthy weight loss
  • Is a complete protein (20% protein!)
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory
  • Improves Digestive & Bowel Movements
  • Improves Blood Sugar Disorders
  • Slows down the aging process
  • Clears skin and reduces body odor

Isn’t that amazing?! Between all these benefits and how easy it is to make yourself in the comfort of your own home, I simply can’t not do this on a regular basis.

I am so proud to share that I got my entire family hooked on it (well…kind of! Always a work in progress 😉 ), and hope you will try it, too. I promise it is super easy to do and once you do it once or twice, it will become like first nature.

Food For Thought: If the taste is too gnarly for you, definitely add more lemon to your cocktail because not only will it taste more refreshing, it will actually bring out even more vitamins and minerals!

PS: I received mixed reviews when researching proper care for the wheatgrass. The conflicting methods I found were lots of sunlight vs. cold and dark. I actually kept my wheatgrass is the fridge over night, then put it on my kitchen counter and watered a little every morning and I’m happy to report they lasted several weeks. Obviously the mixture worked, however, I will enlighten those who live in warmer climates to opt for the fridge. The heat will make the wheatgrass almost instantly go limp.

Have you tried wheatgrass before?

Will you attempt to make it at home now that you know how easy it is?



14 thoughts on “Wheatgrass

    • I am so glad now you know! If you ever see it at Publics or The Fresh Market, or Earth Fare etc. etc. you should totally get it! It is an awesome daily routine. I usually start my mornings with one for energy and of course vitality:)

  1. How fun. I don’t know if my kids would like drinking wheat grass but they would get a kick out of growing it and watching daddy drink it haha

    • How funny!!! They might like it if it looks like you like it though! If you put enough lemon in it, it might be [more] tolerable for them — after all it’s only a shot! You’ll have to let me know what transpires — you and the kids!

      PS: Thank you for the comment by the way — stalking your website now!! =)

    • Absolutely!! It’s way to easy not to, right?! I like my wheatgrass shots daily, but I recently ran out and have been doing Apple Cider Vinegar shots (with water) which is also great — suppose that’s another blog post;)

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