Finish It: July

Aloha Friends! I found this on Kyria, Christy, and Elle’s blogs yesterday and just had to partake! I’ve been pretty lame on the blog front lately, and I can’t hardly wait until I’m able to blog everyday again.

Anyhoo, with out further adieu, here is my version of this fun lil post!

Finish It: July

Maybe I should revamp my time management.
I love going on adventures.
People would say that I’m very energetic and always smiling.
I don’t understand how some people can be so rude to strangers.
When I wake up in the morning I thank God for the new day He has given me as I know tomorrow is not promised.
I lost my energy to argue.
Life is full of change. 
My past is full of
 almost unbelievable memories.
I get annoyed when
 people exaggerate.
Parties are a great excuse to get those you care about together:)
I wish I had more time to share everything my family has been through in the last eight months, and why we drastically changed our eating habits and lifestyle. I wish people didn’t need a diagnosis to change bad habits, and I wish I could share with everyone everywhere why living a plant-based, nutrient-dense, and alkaline lifestyle can result in the reversal of diseases and is the true definition of vitality. I wish I could enlighten and inspire more and more people to question where their food comes from and how it can affect them and their family–because that’s where it starts.
Dogs are comforting and healing–truly mans best friend:)
Birds are fascinating to me–so whimsical!
Tomorrow I’m
 planning on running with Zoë again!
I have low tolerance for people looking to argue. 
I’m totally terrified of
 losing the people I love and cherish most in life. 
I wonder why I
 didn’t start [urban] gardening years ago! 
Never in my life have I
 ever had surgery.  
High school was
 great, but a lot of wasted time — which is why I graduated early.
When I’m nervous 
my ears get hot.  
One time at a family gathering 
I got smacked with a golf club by an oblivious cousin or second cousin.
Take my advice:  say what you mean and do what you say. 
Making my bed
 is ridiculously easy & I have to do it even if it’s not perfect! Although it is also ridiculously difficult to even get out of bed since I have the most cozy bed on the planet!  
I’m almost always
 up for anything.
I’m addicted to researching.
I want someone to buy me a white or black Touareg Turbo or Range Rover Sport. Please and thanks:)

Answer one or all of these in a comment below!


4 thoughts on “Finish It: July

    • Yeah! I totally love these types of posts because you really do get to learn a lil more about the blogger. I’ll find more:) And definitely snatch the Dr. Seuss poster — I did! haha!!

  1. I love this. I should’ve posted about this instead of spreading the love that no one cares about. I hear you on wishing that people wanted to change. Fact is no one does till they’re ready….we just have to keep on being awesome examples in the areas we’re good in 🙂 You inspire me to eat better….though I’m no where near ready to be at your level, maybe one day I will be 🙂

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