Puppy Run

Happy Monday Everyone!

I’ve got tons going on and don’t even know where to start, but I had to stop and share this photo/collage I made of funny pics of Zoë and I…

Zoë is my Brother’s nine year old Jack Russell (purebred, short hair, short legs) who has gained quite a few pounds since Grandma and Grandpa all but adopted her a few years ago and could definitely benefit from the couch to 5k program.

Remember this post when we went to Green Lake and I was amazed at how great she was? Well I finally took her out with me again, only this time we stayed local and princess just wasn’t having it.

We would run a quarter mile if that before she would stretch her front paws forward halting us in our tracks. She would tilt her head a little with her big chocolate brown eyes looking up at me translating something along the lines of, “I’m done” haha!

I motivated her to keep going, but after three forced stops, I was concerned and negotiated a speed walk, which always turned into a light jog, stop, repeat. I doubt it had even been 15 minutes when Zoë was completely over it and she sat down!

All I could do was laugh as I scooped her into my arms and began running with her. She’s over 15lbs (!!!) so I chuckled as I could only imagine what we looked like as I awkwardly held her. With that very thought I just had to stop and take pictures!

Are you kidding me?! Spoiled much? Understatement. However, I did enjoy running with the extra weight since my fitness routine has been lack thereof as of late (tsk, tsk).

This run was spontaneous, and will be the first of many. I know Zoë loves it — even if it’s a love/hate relationship (she gets that from her Auntie;) I know she can do it because we did it on Maui.

And we all know I’m a running diva, so I want to get in all the running outside possible before the weather plays tricks on me. Summer in Seattle truly is beautiful, and if it weren’t for the rain this city would be more populated than New York or Los Angeles for sure!

Do you run with your pup?
Have you been getting your fitness on outside? 


12 thoughts on “Puppy Run

  1. Zoe is so cute! I think her and Blackjack would be great friends. They both seem to have the Jack Russell mentality when enough is enough! Glad you both had a fun run!

    • LOL!!! When ever I think of that night I laugh — but I shouldn’t, because I know my girls afraid of dogs — little or not! She’s super sweet in photos and while she’s sleeping, isn’t she? 😉 hehe!!

  2. Jenn that’s hilarious!!!! I love it 🙂 and the photo collage too. I can’t believe you were running, carrying Zoe and taking photos! Multi-tasker!!!

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