Speechless Sunday #26

Heads up? This post is not speechless. But if you’re experiencing any trials and tribulations in your life right now, I encourage you to read this..

How To Survive The Storm

On January 12, 1888, a blizzard roared out of the skies of Canada and fell upon the Northern Plains of the United States. People of Montana, the Dakotas, and Nebraska felt the temperature drop 18 degrees in just three minutes. It kept falling, the wind kept howling, and the snow kept blowing. And within hours, a relatively warm winter’s day became a frozen siege that took the lives of at least 250 people. The air was so thick with crystals that people couldn’t breathe. Visibility was so poor that people couldn’t see their hands in front of their faces. Meteorologists call this zero/zero visibility. A person can’t see up or horizontally. As a result, a woman near Sioux Falls froze to death with her key in her hand just steps from her door. A husband and a wife died while walking in circles past each other in their farmyard. Most of the people who died, did so because they simply couldn’t find their way out of the storm.

The ones who survived relied upon bearings and markers to show them the way. Like Mr. Cotton, the schoolteacher, and the two boys Andreas and Johann Graber. They set out from the schoolhouse in the direction of the Graber homestead. The wind laced needles of snow in their eyes. The drifts pulled on their feet. The whiteness covered the roads and trails. Soon they realized they had no idea where to go. Then the air cleared, for just a moment, and they spotted a row of trees. The boys recognized them as the fruit and nut saplings their father had planted. The trees lined a path from their front porch. If they could move from tree to tree, they would be home.

Maybe that is what you need. The sudden storm has left you blind, disoriented. Do you need a series of markers to guide you home? Make one. Through the years I have found this question a good one to ask in times of crisis. “What do you still have that no one can take?” Granted, the storms can take much, but they can’t take all. So, right in the midst of the snowstorm, (ER, County Jail, bankruptcy hearing), make your list.

The promise of heaven

A family who cares for me

A God who knows me

God’s word to guide me

Make the list; then, like the boys in the blizzard, let it lead you to a safe place.

Source: ©2012 Max Lucado <– Subscribe to weekday emails at MaxLucado.com =)


Life sure does throw us some storms, doesn’t it? My family and I are in the midst of our storm and we are still trying to find our way out of it by making our lists. One thing is for sure — Jesus is our marker (and our Maker!) — a light unto our path..

Isn’t it interesting we have to consciously remember to surrender it all to Him? Relentlessly give all our worries and overwhelming feelings to Him as we trudge through an uphill battle. There is no greater peace than knowing He is in control and His Will, will be done.

I hope what ever you may going through… Thy Word is a Lamp Unto Your Feet, and a Light Unto Your Path..


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I strongly believe in the power of prayer.. so if you are going through something and want to share it below, please do so and I will add you to my prayer list. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving a comment, feel free to email me🙂 


One thought on “Speechless Sunday #26

  1. Great post Jenn! I think we all need a reminder from time to time to stay focused on God and his plan (or markers) instead of forging out on our own to tackle life’s obstacles.

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