Speechless Sunday #22

Click Here to read about the woman who has made me the woman I am today — It’s one of my proudest posts I’ve published and is dedicated to my amazing Mom:)

Today is Day 13 of the May Photo a Day Challenge; Link up below if you’re participating in it, Speechless Sunday, or have a post dedicated to Mother’s Day:)


6 thoughts on “Speechless Sunday #22

  1. Awwwww!!!! I just read your post from last year. That was BEAUTIFUL! And I have to ask… in one part of it you mentioned a beautiful/tragic story about your grandparents but that that story was for a different post. Did you ever follow up on that?

    • awww, thank you Pam!! I’m so glad you read it & liked it — it’s a timeless post I’m very proud of, so that means a lot:)

      I never did end up following up about my precious grandparents love story (go figure) but I totally should because it’s actually very beautiful.

      The short and the long of it is that they were high school sweethearts madly in love, weathered long distance (he was a navy man & they wrote each other long letters, poems, and priceless photos:), got married, had two beautiful daughters, and had more love for each other anyone could ever imagine…they oozed romance and are why I’m a hopeless romantic!

      One night he suffered from a brain aneurism and they were separated by life & death, until they were reunited eleven years ago when my Grammie passed away.. I never got to meet my Grandpa (my Mom was 16 when he passed away), but I will forever cherish their love story:)

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