Mid-Week Bewilderment

I got a bazaar phone call from one of my best friends on her day off, and when she sent me these two photos I almost wet my pants from laughing so hard…

Those are A LOT of empty benches!
Oh.. Uhh, Why, Hello There!

I told my girl she was just so irresistible people sought her out in effort to pick up her amazing energy… haha! 

We joked about how typical it is when you go out of your way to get away from people, and with out fail they flock to you like white on rice. Why is that? What is it that makes people flock to other people?

Prime example, the photos above. My friend (who really needs to start a blog to document the crazy things that happen to her AND the amazing life she lives, by the way!) was at the health food store minding her own business, enjoying her fresh mango when out of ALL the benches to choose from this couple sits rightnexttoher.

She was fit to be tide. Not having it. I teased her some more and encouraged her get up and move to another bench. My theory was that it would send a silent, but loud statement. Instead, she stayed right where she was and we thought up more scenarios.

You could be at the beach, minding your own business, enjoying the beauty of literally having an entire beach to yourself, only to notice people joining your party. They have an entire beach to choose a spot, and they hunker down right next to you like there’s assigned seating. Why is this?!

You could be in a parking lot, going out of your way to park away from the crowd for fear of door dings and welcome the extra steps for a little workout, only to come back to your car and find another car rightnexttoyours. Again, why is this?!

Does this ever happen to you? Or just us?! 
Do you ever feel like a people magnet? 
What other examples can you think up?


Day 4: Someone Who Makes You Happy
Day 5: Tiny | Doesn’t my man make that tree look tiny? 😉


Are you doing the April Photo a Day Challenge? 
I’m a few days behind, and probably won’t do them all, but I’ll try!


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7 thoughts on “Mid-Week Bewilderment

  1. That tree is huge! Great to see your sweetie. Always nice to see the world that shapes us.

    I am not a people magnet. I feel the opposite. When I run, I'm usually alone. It's hard to find another runner (where I live and run) who is runner-minded to the same degree. Or find someone who pushes like I do. It's usually guys and then I end up with the girls in those guy's lives not liking me. It's as if I will forever be in grade school when you couldn't talk to a boy without someone thinking you liked him. See I am the opposite BUT I'm working on seeking out more people who are positive, upbeat, energtic and faithful. Like me. And I plan on filling my life with them as much as I can.
    But I do still like being alone probably more than most.

  2. That is BIZARRE! And it happens to me/us all the time too… I agree, fit to be tied.

    It seems to happen in parking lots too… or in elevators or in restaurants. I guess people think if you like the space, they will too!

    How close was she to these people when she pic'd them? Was it with her phone so that they didn't know? Funny!

  3. Haha, I've blogged about the same thing when the lady sat next to me at the Starbuck's in Kroger and I moved tables to get away from her and her loud friends who later joined her.

    It always irks me when people do that but that's probably because I always give people their space in public places. If someone random talks to me I'm happy to strike up a conversation but I would never invade someone's personal space in order to do so.

    That's a cute pictures! It seems like that trip was just yesterday!

  4. This is all too true! My pet peeve is people on airplanes. I don't want to get to know a stranger on a plane–just leave me in peace and let me read!!

  5. Haha! I am so irritated when people do that. It is almost as if they are telling me ” you don't matter and I am the only one in the universe” I am sure this is not what they are thinking but it is what it makes me feel like. Isn't life how we make others feel? I want my legacy to be “that she made me feel good” I try to live my life serving others that way. Gram and Gramp's there in the pic, need a lesson.

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