Ship of Dreams

It’s hard to believe that the Titanic was released in theaters fifteen years ago. I still have my ticket stub from the day it came out, and I would have loved to share it with you (along with the other 9 or 10) if I didn’t still live out of boxes!

Hello, Handsome!

To me, there was nothing more important than gazing at Leonardo DiCaprio for a few hours on a giant screen.. So important I saw it in theaters 10 times!! (It may have been 11..) You’re welcome James Cameron! I went with different people every time, any excuse was good enough for me. I mean look at this face:

Be Still My Beating Heart!

One of my favorite scenes (the very end when Rose passed peacefully in her sleep, and is reunited with the Titanic, fellow passengers, and her beloved, Jack) reminds me of the 3D experience, which has me extremely excited to watch this movie all over again..

The cinematography, soundtrack, acting, storyline — it all gets to me. I question how I can enjoy watching this tragic film over and over, and although I can’t exactly answer that, I think it is because it’s relatable.

This movie is about death, about love, about life. We all know we are going to die one day, and we watch this movie knowing the ill-fate of the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic.

It’s hard to believe it was 15 years ago when I first saw this movie..  It sounds like a lifetime ago, yet it feels as if it were yesterday I was just settling in my seat with a giant bag of popcorn wondering if my bladder would make it 3 hours.

So much has happened in my life from then to now, and I really appreciate the script from Jack Dawson — life is a gift, it’s about not knowing what hand you’re going to be dealt. You have to learn to take [life] as it comes at you.

I can’t hardly wait to go watch this… I might have to play hooky today!

Click here to learn a few fun facts about the making of the film:)

What are your thoughts about Titanic?
Are you a Titanic fan?
Do you plan on watching Titanic 3D?   


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5 thoughts on “Ship of Dreams

  1. I love Titanic! It was one of my and the Caveman's first dates. I've seen it many times since. Just learned the Titanic was about 1/4 the size of modern cruise ships.

  2. I love Titanic! It was the first movie I ever saw “on the big screen” with my mom and a friend. I'd been to other movies but never with my parents so this was really special. Not to mention I have three other Titanic movies and probably 15 books! It was all I researched for months when we got our first computer.

  3. So not a fan at all! I could barely stay awake through it.

    Good thing The Captain and I have similar taste in movies.

    I do think Leo is cute, though.

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