I thought today was Friday!

Originally I was typing TGIF, but guys — today is not Friday! 

Don’t mind me — I’m just absolutely exhausted today!! Even though I just gained a day, I feel like time is speeding up and the days are slipping by.. Let’s slow down today and do something different — Three Things Thursday, and day one of the March Photo Challenge!

1. Google Friend Connect (yeah, I’m tired or hearing about it, too, let alone talking about it) is no longer available for non-blogspot bloggers as of today. So far, I haven’t noticed any catastrophes, but if you’re behind on this topic, you can easily catch up by reading this and this. I’m phasing out the GFC widget and replacing it with LINKY FOLLOWER, so get on board and follow me via Linky Follower and I’ll do the same. If you’re a lurker friendly reader without a blog of your own and already have your methods of stalking my posts — I promise, this is the last time I’ll mention this!

2. I watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo last night with my parents. Yup. Wasn’t as awkward as I thought it was going to be, though. My Dad read the book(s), so he knew what to expect, and I have had several people “warn me,” so those particular scenes (yeah, you know the ones) weren’t as bad as they could have been if that makes any sense. I was so impressed with the acting and quickly got into the story line — that chic is badass, and I really like her character. Watching the movie left me wanting to know more, so I just may read the book!

3. I passed a very important exam yesterday and couldn’t be more excited to have that task under my belt. I see a very busy future, which excites me – although makes me a little nervous. However, I have always been more productive when I was crazy busy. Time management has definitely been misplaced, so perhaps this is a good thing!

Here’s my photo for March 1st; up

On a Beach in Hawai’i — Looking UP:)

Tell me three things!

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6 thoughts on “I thought today was Friday!

  1. I took mine off weeks ago (GFC) and have still be receiving lots of traffic through the blogger dashboard. So I guess it just means people can't add themselves to my blog. Which sucks b/c lets face it – it was really easy to do, however maybe I'm a spoiled brat but I'd rather lose readers that don't really want to read me 😛 lol

    and LOVE the up picture! nice job. and congrats on passing your exam 😀

  2. I think I'm just going to let today be Friday-Part 1 and tomorrow can be Friday-Part 2! I added Linky Followers and people can always follow via email but I kinda feel like whoever wants to read my blog will figure out how to do so and if not I probably won't miss them anyway!

    Congrats girlie!!!!

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