Tech-y Tuesday | Linky Followers

Better late than never, right?!

Let’s talk about LINKY FOLLOWERS.

Now that we are all aware and understand Google Friend Connect (GFC) will get the boot from google for all non-blogspot bloggers beginning March 1st, 2012, AND that it is rumored to disappear indefinitely for everyone else by the end of this year (if you’re confused, read this) this has hopefully sparked your interest to seek other venues to not only accomodate your readers, but blogs you follow as well.

I ran across Linky Follower while investigating the GFC drama, and really like the beta features. This widget was literally just launched and I’m sure has growing pains already, but I really like what I see. In fact, I think it’s the best thing available.

Click to view larger

First and foremost you should know you do not have to have a blog to follow blogs via Linky Follower. You do however have to sign up to create an account, but it’s free. Yes, it’s another thing you have to sign up for, and perhaps another username and password you have to remember – but it will be worth it if you follow more than one blog.

It has similar features as Google Reader, although I wouldn’t know since I don’t use mine, but maybe you do! Here’s a picture for a better explanation:

Click to view larger

I prefer to visit the blogs I follow directly, but you don’t have to using Linky Follower. Simply scroll through your list of blogs you are following, click on which ever blog you want to catch up on and BOOM.

The icing on the cake for me is the clear as day tab letting you know who I am following and who is following me. Not only is the “Your Followers” tab imperative for me when hosting giveaways, but if you’re following me, I want to follow you, too!

Click to view larger

So why the write up? I really like LINKY FOLLOWER, and I want you to like it, too! Over the last week I have noticed more bloggers are signing up, which makes me so happy since I plan on phasing out my Google Friend Connect (GFC) widget quickly since it’s useless.

If you have Linky Follower, please let me know in a comment so I can follow you!


3 thoughts on “Tech-y Tuesday | Linky Followers

  1. I have yet to jump on the bandwagon….but I like this review. Also – question, can you add blogs that don't use linky??? ie: would you be able to follow me using linky without me having it?? 🙂

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