Techy Tuesday | Questions

It has been awhile since I have had time to actually sit down and compose a Tech-y Tuesday post — but they really are one of my favorite posts to write! You can catch up on previous Tech-y Tuesday posts by clicking “Series” at the top of the page (click here if you’re lazy 😉 ) or check out these specific posts:

Hosting Your Domain
Blog Comments
Blog Buttons
Blog Updates
Google Friend Connect
Linky Follower
Who Owns Your Blog?
SNK’s Class

What I was hoping to do today is pick your brain. I would like to find out from you what Tech-y questions you have had or currently have. If you are drawing a blank (like me) what tech-y questions do you think most people have or wish they knew more about? Tell me everything!


4 thoughts on “Techy Tuesday | Questions

  1. whoops hit publish too soon. THANK YOU for informative posts like that! my tech question is how to get buttons for FB, twitter, good reads, etc and put them on your blog.

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