Snowmageddon in Seattle!

First and foremost — thank you to EVERYONE who read and left comments on yesterday’s post.. Not only was my M.A.N. in love with this post (he is NOT modest;) he loved the comments as well. Particularly the ones shedding light on how lucky I am — BAHAHA!! 

Okay.. So as most of you know I recently relocated from the Aloha State, where it’s a mild 80-degrees year round, sunny and clear blue skies with light trade winds… to the stone-cold, wet, and rainy—and extra snowy–Seattle. The last several days the entire state has been socked-in with supposedly the gnarliest snow storm they have seen in years!

Lucky me…?

Actually, it hasn’t bothered me all that much since I was thankfully not part of the 300,000 residences without power over the course of this storm. Thus, being cozy in our cramped little studio hasn’t been that bad considering the sobering alternative!

Yesterday I ventured out in the elements because my Dad had a doctors appointment downtown, and the roads were cray cray!! In fact, for the first time I was glad not to be driving! Check out our truck!!

Lots of snow!!

Being on the roads was very nerve-racking for all backseat drivers.. It was below freezing, slushy, icy, and actual lanes were buried. Some of the “tire-tracked lanes” created over due time merged together, which almost caused several wrecks when people got too confident and decided to “drive normal” in the carpool lane..

Only saw one car in a ditch en route!

It was so weird to see downtown covered in snow — I’m certainly not used to seeing snow near water either, so I had to take pictures…

Maneuvering around the hills in Seattle was less than desirable, especially if you didn’t have an equipped or winterized vehicle like us. People really should have stayed home if given the opportunity, there were so many unfortunate accidents and deaths reported. There was definitely legit reasoning declaring a state of emergency.

Most streets were actually closed and people were sledding, skiing, and snowboarding down them — Watch this video!

..Until the cops made them stop!! Awww!!

We were blessed to get from A to B and back safely. It was supposed to get above freezing and start raining; however, it didn’t — in fact it ended up just snowing some more!

Yesterday (afternoon) I was going to meet up with one of my cousins, but couldn’t even make it out onto the main road! The less traveled roads were still really bad, so I just parked & got cozy again!

Have you been snowed in this week, too?!
Do you ski or snowboard?


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10 thoughts on “Snowmageddon in Seattle!

  1. Ahh that video is awesome! What fun!! I board but I'm a bit of a beginner, would love to go on holiday somewhere snowy and practice some more… Looks like crazy weather where you are though, stay safe girl!

  2. Ah the joys of living in the Pacific NorthWest! And yes, those Seatle hills can be wild and woolly in the snow!

    It will all be gone soon and you will be having 'remember that snow in '12' conversations with your new friends and neighbors….

    Ours is gone already thank goodness… South Vancouver Island didn't it as bad as you Peuget Sounders did!

  3. That looks way too cold for me! Glad you guys made it out and back safely.

    If I'd known he would actually read the comments I would have made Allan comment about your man's hotness!

  4. Oh the snow! You got some way better pictures then I did!! 😀

    Yeah the Queen Anne thing really made people mad. They have been doing that for decades and now the news is making a stink about it? Like get real!

  5. Aloha Heidi!

    Thank you so much for visiting my website and commenting — I absolutely LOVE your guy's video!! I'm headed over to your guy's website right now!

    Winter in Seattle is definitely different than winter in Hawaii… I'm definitely going to have to trade in my surfboard for a snowboard:)

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