My M.A.N. is One of a Kind!

Last week you read about how awesome Christina is, and this week you’re going to read about how awesome my boyfriend is:)

First and foremost you should know my man’s initials are in fact: M.A.N. Awesome, right? Can’t get much manlier than that! Kudos to the parentals for foreshadowing such awesomeness in their first born;)

Secondly, my man is probably the most positive person I know. He rarely gets upset, and when he is he doesn’t even yell! He seems to find the positive in every situation (in a non-annoying way) and rarely sweats the small stuff. He is also very protective of me–but all of the abovementioned are just a few of a gazillion reasons why I love him so much.

Which is also why I was SO ANXIOUS for his visit. We were long-distance the entire year of 2011 (and will sadly be again in all of 2012), but did pretty well of seeing each other every three months or so. Nevertheless we missed each other like crazy!

Air travel always seems to test my patience, but with this guy he literally goes with the flow — not a care or expectation to ruffle his feathers.

He was supposed to fly in to Seattle the evening of December 22, however due to unfortunate weather the usual “holiday travel nightmare” became his reality. He was stranded in DFW for an extended layover en route to SeaTac and because the delayed flights and missed connections were due to weather, the lovely airlines offered him nothing. Aside from our prolonged reunion, I don’t recall hearing a single complaint from him.

When I finally picked him up the next day, he looked great! He was giddy-happy to see me and you never would have guessed he had been up all night. I promised him a hot shower, but it was downhill from there.. we had a lunch date with my parents and a few of their friends — an intimidating luncheon for anyone else and he was a champ!

As you learned from this post I’ve been camping out in a studio hotel room with Mom, Dad, and the dog. So when my man flew in, you guessed it — it was Mom, Dad, the dog, myself + boyfriend. Can you say trooper? I don’t even think  know I would not have done that had the tables been turned!

The very next day of his arrival, we had Christmas Eve dinner with at least THIRTY of my family members… at an old-folks home! My precious Grandma–bless her heart–has early onset Alzheimer’s/Dementia, and after a couple tumbles and falls at her home of over 58 years, it was necessary to call this place her new home. Again, my man was such a trooper! If he was nervous or bored out of his mind, no one would have known! What a guy!

To top it all off, I have also been experiencing “girl issues” since my arrival here in Seattle — and after not seeing each other since his birthday in September you can only imagine how much of a let down that was. TMI? ..Another gold star for the boyfriend the trooper! 

Regardless of ALL of this my honey was so excited to see me, spend time with me, and spoil me. He literally could not wait until Christmas to give me one of my presents, so once we got back to the hotel, he made me open this

He spoils me!!

I have wanted one of these bad boys for awhile and was so surprised — we immediately opened everything and took it out of the box and got it all charged, ready, and good to go. He was so proud of this gift to me! Unfortunately we weren’t able to workout like we had planned, and even now I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but I can’t hardly wait until I do! Until then I will learn how to use it!! Thanks Lover!!

In addition to this surprise, he did it again while I was scouring The North Face headquarters downtown searching for this sexy number:

Distracted with a helpful Sales Rep, I handed my jacket to the bf while I tried on the Tri-Climates for size. When it was deemed the one I ultimately wanted was online, we left. As I put my jacket back on, I felt something in each of my pockets and was literally surprised when I found these:

The North Face E-Tip

At first I was like, uhh, babe.. we stealing these?! And he lovingly explained that he bought them while I was trying on jackets and knew I needed quality gloves. He also explained that with these I wouldn’t have to take a glove off to use my iPhone! I was so blown away by his thoughtfulness and romantic way of surprising me!! I was also blown away by this genius invention and feel sooooo spoiled to have such a thoughtful boyfriend:)

Up until now I haven’t really talked about my man… in fact, I usually refer to him as “the boyfriend” or simply “the bf.” When I started this blog we both wanted to be somewhat anonymous, but over the course of time I suppose we stopped caring! Since it’s mutual, and this post is basically a tribute to him…how about a little photo montage from the very first night we met (nearly three years ago) until now..

I love you baby!! =)
I hope you guys enjoyed that — It was a lot of fun to make!! I look forward to making more memories with my M.A.N. and sharing them with you! =)

Stay tuned for more recap posts of my MAN’s visit to Seattle!

What did you get for Christmas?
Are you long-distance with your significant other?

18 thoughts on “My M.A.N. is One of a Kind!

  1. Jenn you guys are adorable! He sounds like an amazing person and somebody definitely worthy of you 🙂 Hope you are staying warm with all that snow I keep seeing on the news!

  2. Aww, this is sweet! I loved the montage! 🙂 I'm so happy things finally worked out for him to be able to see you, and that he has such a positive attitude. It makes a HUGE difference!
    I did long distance for two years with me ex, and I can only imagine how irritated and angry he would have been at being delayed overnight. Let's just say, for so MANY reasons, I'm glad that I'm with MG now, and not the ex haha

  3. sounds like a keeper Jenn!
    Loved the video montage 🙂 looks like you both have a lot of fun together. very sweet-there is one pic of him looking down and you are giving him a kiss on cheek — what a beautiful shot.

  4. This is amazing! You did such a nice job and you are very lucky to have him. That scenery is also so incredible!

    Great post and lucky lady!

  5. This is awesome and I love the story and pictures – what a good looking couple 🙂 You guys are so sweet together and I love how he is so incredibly supportive and spoils you – he's a keeper! You know, if you did the food law program at the U of A, you two would be a lot closer….just sayin 🙂

  6. You two are extra freaking adorable! He should spoil you, you deserve it! Glad you had a great visit. Being long distance is hard! I need those gloves, must buy them!!

  7. It's great to have one person in the relationship who is calm! It sucks that you guys only get to see each other once every 3 months! I live in CA and my BF lives in MA, so yes, we also know what it's like to spend a lot of time apart! Can't wait for more stories!

  8. 1. This was a SUPER sweet post. Thanks for sharing your love for your M.A.N.
    2. My man is pretty dang great, too. Like yours, he never, ever, yells, even in the EXTREMELY rare instance where he's upset.
    3. Funny that he got you those touchscreen gloves; just last month I got similar gloves for my guy and his new iPhone.
    4. AHH GARMIN!!!! I got my first a little over a month ago (same model as yours!) and I am ob-SESSSED. (See my infatuation here:

    You're going to love it!! Let us know how it goes 🙂

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