Blackout Day (SOPA/PIPA)

Raise your hand if you noticed the Internet Strike yesterday… 

How many of you have actually heard of (and understand) Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA)???

Please watch this short video:

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of how big of a deal this is. This legislation will stifle free speech and innovation, and even threaten popular web services like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Congress needs to hear from you, or this bill will pass! Click Here to sign the petition and stand up for your freedom. 

Can you imagine a world where our internet is censored by our government? 

Thomas Jefferson said, “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.”

Here are a few screen shots of big name companies, organizations, and websites alike standing up for our freedom by going dark yesterday:



Natural News




Mozilla | Firefox



In addition to the above websites, several bloggers (including myself!) shut down their website(s) to make a point and more importantly, spread the word about the importance of what this Bill really translates.

Say NO to SOPA

If you ever wanted to make a difference, now is the time — Sign the petition, don’t allow this bill to pass..

PS: Reports are saying Senators are bailing on SOPA, taking their names off the Bill. This being said, the Internet protest was successful; HOWEVER, we all need to keep the pressure going by signing the petition/writing letters, and spreading the word. You can read more about this here.

Approaching Monday’s crucial Senate vote there are now 35 Senators publicly opposing #PIPA. Last week there were 5. And it just takes just 41 solid “no” votes to permanently stall PIPA (and #SOPA) in the Senate… If you haven’t already, click here and sign the petition… Spread the word!! These are critical days!

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3 thoughts on “Blackout Day (SOPA/PIPA)

  1. I don't like this at all! I didn't even know about it until Vanessa said something about it….I then proceeded to bluehost and actually talked to a guy for an hour about it 🙂 I called in ignorance thinking something would happen to my blog – wordpress was closing off for the day…and he ended up really educating me 🙂

    I really think it would SUCK to have the govn't in control of the internet.

  2. Loving this post! So informative and all the work you put into it shows!! I for one am all about less government regulation all around, especially on the internet! Wrote my representative yesterday morning telling him I do NOT support SOPA/PIPA!

  3. @Ali ~ That's awesome you got to talk to someone who could really educate you on the matter — I think that is the biggest issue — people don't understand!!

    @Jen ~ I'm so glad you love this post AND that you wrote your representative!!! That is huge — every letter/signature opposing SOPA/PIPA helps!!

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