Spencer’s Market

In a previous post I think this information may have been missed or overlooked due to the excitement and unintended novel-like length — so I thought I would republish this in the event it missed your eye!


Since my family and I have completely changed our nutritional intake I have been in non-stop research-mode. That being said, I’ve also been discovering A LOT of awesome specialty-diet companies out there I never knew existed.

[Enter: Spencer’s Market]

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Spencer’s Market is a ground breaking San Francisco company specializing in personalized vegan food discovery — direct from the source to your doorstep. Spencer’s Market introduces new products with unbeatable prices and perks. They offer the ability to find the most delicious and interesting foods from the most talented food crafters, which is especially important to me with this new and strict way of eating.

I’m inviting you exclusive access to the ultimate food discovery club — join Spencer’s Market, the destination for discovering, learning about, and buying great food from unique (and health conscious) producers.

Signing up is free and super easy. Just click this link and enter your email address. Then specify your food preferences; for example I am Raw/Vegan, Dairy-free, Egg-free, Soy-free, and Gluten-free, and of course I am interested in discovering all of their listed foods! Once you’ve completed all the steps you will receive emails from them with quality vegan food products, which fit your personalized food preferences. Genius. I know!

Spencer’s Market is launching soon, and becoming a VIP Member earns you early access AND rewards — so go sign up, and start spreading the word regarding this awesomeness!


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