Eating Machine

Have I mentioned how much I love taking pictures of food…or is it that obvious? In my younger years I kick started a career in Catering & Convention Services and began taking pictures of how certain dishes were plated. Mostly getting ideas for future events, and other times just marveling at the beauty before diving in and destroying it. Unfortunately the only camera I currently have is my iPhone (which isn’t horrible!) but I’m hoping in the near future I can get a nice(r) camera and get even more into my photography!

Anyhoo, here are some recent eats from Jenn’s Kitchen:)

The only “coffee” I’ve had since October

Amande “yogurt” w/toppings:)

Mmm, Açai Bowls

Salad Wrap + Blue Chips

Raw Pizza + Kale Salad w/Zucchini Noodles

Raw Italian Pizza Slice

Mmmm, everything was soooo yummy, I absolutely love eating like this. The best part is discovering all new menu options and the amazing companies out there I never knew existed!

Lärabars are a phenomenal “go to” raw food when you’re famished and lacking time or just need a few bites to get you by. I typically eat half a bar, which lasts me awhile, until my next munch-sesh.

The dairy-free and soy-free yogurts are huge finds for me since I absolutely love yogurt for breakfast. Amande is (a Seattle based company!) cultured almond milk, and So Delicious is (a Eugene based company!) cultured coconut milk — and I absolutely recommend both! Amande is a little chunkier, whereas So Delicious is definitely creamier and looks (and feels) more like yogurt. However both boast phenomenal yogurt alternatives AND satisfy the belly for a substantial amount of time.

And seriously? Raw pizza has moved to the TOP of my list for “first things I plan on making” with my new Excalibur Dehydrator. The first pictured raw pizza is from Choice Health bar here in Lahaina and it straight up tasted like pizza! The tomato base and vegan cheese — it was to die for! The second pictured raw pizza is from WholeFoods and for +/- $7.99 it was worth every bite. Absurd to pay that much, yes–but it was pure inspiration. Pure motivation. The major selling point was the crust — it was so thick and made the entire pizza a hearty meal. I actually split this one slice three ways and coupled it with fresh salads.

What have you been hungry for lately?  
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11 thoughts on “Eating Machine

  1. I just read your comment on my blog. Totally made my day. Yes you do not ask a woman if she is pregnant. Never ever.

    I've been thinking about the Holiday Bootie Buster but was kinda shy about being late to sign up but since you mentioned it…i'll do it!

    I love the food pictures. Especially the raw pizza. Mmmmmm!! Im gonna try making that.

  2. UMMMM no wonder you call is Jenn's Kitchen – those photos and foods look like a restaurant made them 😀 GORGEOUS 😀 I should try to eat more raw foods.

  3. eeeek! everyone is posting pics of the most delicious looking food today! i am obsessed with pizza so i definitely felt like you saved “the best for last” as far as the pics go…haha~

  4. Everything looks so good! It's great to see everything you are learning and experimenting with. Good photography is something I just have not gotten too into yet. And I so agree with you on the iPhone – although your pics look better than mine normally do 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh, everything looks so good!! I ate acai bowls every day when I was there! Your amande yogurt bowl looks delicious too! Yumminess. I am so excited for you to start using your dehydrator! You are going to make some pretty amazing eats! I'm curious about the raw pizza…it looks and sounds so good! I am so proud of you and this new way of eating! You are doing amazing and trying so many great things!

  6. I bought some Amande plain last week. I really like it. However, it doesn't have the smooth appearance of dairy yogurt. The tiny lumps kind of weird me out just a little. Have you had this experience with it?

    By the way, that raw pizza at the end of the post really makes me want a slice. What did you use for the crust?

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