Fist Pumps

First things first: Who watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night?

While it was mostly inspiration and motivation to keep on eating healthy and taking care of my body, there were segments I wanted to offer a few of the women some burgers…

…just kidding — that’s disgusting.

However, it is extremely impressive some of those ladies have popped out children because they look fan-freakin’-tastic.


Prior to all the Angel excitement, I purchased one of these:

9-Tray Large-Excalibur with 26 hour Timer #3926T

I can’t wait to start trying out all the different recipes I’ve been running into lately, and even better, create my own!! I’ve been borrowing my brother’s VitaMix, but when he comes back for it, I’ll definitely be getting one of those bad boys, too! Paired up with the Excalibur Dehydrator I’ll be a very happy girl in the kitchen and my family will love what I whip up, I’m sure!

So pumped. Here’s why I bought it:

Built-in on/off switch 7″ fan, 600 watts, Adjustable thermostat and 26-hour timer. The 26 hour timer will automatically shut off the Dehydrator for me when it reaches the time I set.


1 ParaFlexx Premium Non-Stick Sheet (Saved $10.50)
Polyscreen Pack for Your Dehydrator (Saved: $12-$32)
10-Year Extended Warranty (Saved: $29.95)
Dehydration Guide (Saved: $6.95)

I added the Paraflexx Premium 8-pack Non-stick sheets for $60.00 (regularly $84.00 plus shipping — Saved over $40.00)

And here was the “no brainer” — free shipping!

The Unit Dimensions are: 12 1/2″H x 17″W x 19″D and Shipping Weight is 22 lbs — I definitely saved some big bucks!!

I can’t hardly wait to showcase my future eats! Until then, here’s a glance at some of my tasty eats as of late:

Lunch @ Mala

I “cheated” the other day when I couldn’t resist the Gado Gado Salad at Mala Ocean Tavern. It’s a tasty vegan salad with coconut peanut dressing. I only ate a couple tofu squares and left the rest for the waiter. If you’re wondering what exactly the “cheat” was — I’m soy-free!

Click to view larger

Mmmm, Vita Coco will seriously always be in my fridge! Same with Kombucha — does anyone make their own? I want to attempt it…

Here’s a sweet find:

Food For Life

I put a slice in the toaster for about 15-seconds to warm it up a bit and it tastes really good just by itself! This morning I decided to spread Almond Butter on it with apple slices and cinnamon– so delish.

My Almond-Date spread is new favorite…

I throw a tortilla right on my stove top (on low) to warm it up. Then I spread some date paste (handful of dates blended with spring water until desired consistency) on one side, and sprinkle a small handful of almonds. Fold the tortilla, flip it so both sides are warm, then cut into slices. It’s flippin’ good!

And a fab dinner I can’t stop thinking about…

Rice garlic noodles w/pohole salad + spinach/kale & toppings
I’m obsessed with Star Noodle’s Garlic Noodles, and ordered it gluten-free (rice noodles) and added their amazing pohole salad to mine – I’m drooling just thinking about it. 
What awesome eats have you enjoyed this week?
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10 thoughts on “Fist Pumps

  1. ummmm so your recent eats look absolutely amazing! YUM!!!! and i have never heard of that contraption before…i must be missing out because it sounds awesome! looking forward to seeing the new recipes you whip up 🙂

  2. That is the coolest dehydrator I've ever seen!! I really would love one. And a vitamix is my dream kitchen tool, I would cry if I got one, seriously! Yummy eats!

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