BoobTube Babble #2

This week was draaaaaging by, and then it picked up reeeeeally fast. I’ve been looking forward to Friday all week, but now I wish time would just stop or slow down. My two week break is coming to an end, and I’m going to be an even more crazy busy person come Tuesday. Ugh, bring it! 

Boob Tube Babble
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Let’s start with:

The Good Wife

Every episode I love this show more and more. Sure, I’m a sucker for lawyer shows, but the writers sure know how to encompass drama. I really like the cast, especially Tucker Max (ha ha), and appreciate the business and pleasure aspect. This show brings in things everyone is affected by: the recession, politics, Corporate America, and I absolutely LOVE the entrepreneurial and business-minded strategies played out in each week. Seriously, start watching this show. Give it a few episodes if you’re not sold.

Last Man Standing

This show is great because of the character diversity and how many generations it caters to–not to mention it really is funny! It’s obviously no Modern Family–but it’s not supposed to be, nor is it trying to be–so definitely catch an episode or two before writing it off. So far my only annoyance is the preschool…but it might not be a problem after the last episode! I love the fact that this is truly a family-show. No dirty innuendos or unacceptable conversations to make you think, “Um…did they just say that on primetime TV?!”

Hart of Dixie

Holy Man-Meat. This last episode was hunkalicious! The city of Blue Bell was experiencing a heat wave, and Lord have mercy, so was I! I’m diggin’ this show probably more than anyone else because like Dr. Zoe Hart I unexpectedly moved and lived in none other than God’s Country: Sweet Home Alabama! I am enjoying her transition, and I’m enjoying the eye candy (what can I say, Southern men obviously catch my eye;); however I am definitely sick of blondies “wanting her cake and eat it too” action. What I gather is she cheated on her fiance while he was slaving away earning his Law Degree, and unless the writers plan on scripting a phenomenal “call off the wedding” episode, they need to pull the plug on that love triangle. No family divided here; WAR EAGLE, I’m sure Dr. Hart can learn to say that!

If you watch these shows, too, what are your thoughts?

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7 thoughts on “BoobTube Babble #2

  1. I am a fan of all three shows! Who doesn't live Tim Allen? Alisha might be one of my favorite characters on TV ever. And Hart of Dixie? Such a cutie story line, one of those indulgences some people hate I'm sure, but I'm obsessed with and can't wait until next Monday!

  2. I truly enjoyed Last Man Standing. I laughed out loud. I love having shows that I feel comfortable watching with my son around…most of our shows have to be recorded and watched under cover of darkness.

  3. I'm sorry but I think last man standing is a horrible show! All they talk about is sexual inuendo or womens body parts and on tonights show the wife actually said she was jealous of lesbians I do not feel comfortable watching this with my kids at all .

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