I’ma uh Diva

I wanted to share some random rants thoughts I’ve had while running lately. As you all know, I live on a beautiful small Island in the middle of the Pacific, and I even go out of my way to run a somewhat secluded route; however, it seems my little Island has the some big city issues!

Exhibit A:

No, really–you are!

People really need to slow down! I’ll be the first to admit I used to be a speed-demon; however, I have slowed down so much with age, it really irks me now when people speed–especially on an island–where yah gonna go?! Even people sporting these stickers need to wise up! We have ONE ROAD here on Maui–ONE! Mostly two-lanes, four in some spots, and our speed limit is never over 50mph, and that’s in maybe one spot. Also, if you happen to pass someone, you WILL see them at the next stop. They probably won’t like you, either.

So far, during every.single.run (I’ve  only been running outside since I’ve been back), at least one speeding car whizzes past me so fast I feel the draft! I swear I’m not one of those annoying athletes who take up half the road, either! Did I mention I go out of my way to run in a somewhat secluded area? People should especially be going slow where I run. Ridiculous. One of my childhood friend’s Dad recently passed away because he was hit by a car while riding his bike, and I literally fear for my life when I go running now!

Speaking of cars whizzing by…

Exhibit B:

Change your oil dude!

There is absolutely nothing worse than running in a tropical paradise only to be slapped with nasty fumes from a car passing by that is over-due for an oil change or is a big-rig diesel truck. Yuck! I’m out-and-about, getting my cardio on–minding my own business, enjoying the priceless backdrop I get to call home, and some car passes by (almost kills me) and leaves me with a mouthful of exhaust. Awesome. Thanks chief.

Speaking of nasty smells…

Exhibit C:

Your habit — not mine!

If you read this post you might know why I loathe cigarettes. Not only was I born when your lungs develop, but I grew up with chronic bronchitis, and I am very allergic to cigarette smoke. Imagine running and getting your workout on only to take a deep breath and inhale someone else’s disgusting exhale and cancer induced second-hand smoke. Yum, that’s exactly what I wanted when gasping for air trying to PR.

Speaking of PR’s…

Exhibit D:

Running in the Rain

I am a huge fan of rain–I love rain–it’s raining right now! But unless I’m running a RACE, I am not interested nor am I that dedicated to running in the rain. Trust me, I’m a nature-girl, get-down-n-dirty, and enjoy the unpredictable tropical weather my paradise offers, but here’s the deal: I prefer to run on a treadmill. Yup–this genius invention most people refer to as the dreadmill… I luuuuurve it! Who wouldn’t enjoy a forced (dry) run in a clean environment, with A/C?!?! Not to mention watching a movie or TV show makes those long runs FLY BY!

I’m really starting to think of myself as a running diva. In fact, I completely labeled myself that on my last run, which led me to research my new term, only to discover the real Running Diva’s website! How awesome is their company name AND their merch? I want! 

All I want to do is continue living a fun, active, outdoor lifestyle, and embrace running–my labor of love–to maintain optimum health! Is that too much to ask? I’ve been making an effort to run outside, and I swear everything is going against my best efforts! Perhaps I really am a gym rat.

Am I the only one with these running woes?! 
What running woes do you have?
Do you prefer running outside OR on a treadmill?

14 thoughts on “I’ma uh Diva

  1. Smoke is the WORST! I can't really relate to the traffic because it's everywhere here. I don't really have any other choice. One thing I do hate is people walking on the sidewalk who are staring at you and don't even BUDGE when you approach them. I have to dodge people all the time. It drives me crazy. They don't have the consideration to move one step to the left or right to give you a little more room to run by. Argh.

    I love the dreadmill too. You're not alone!

  2. What running woes do you have?

    -Running in the rain makes me nervous. Maybe because I don't have the right gear for it. I'd be so down if I had some high-tech gear instead of my old t-shirt and shorts. That's my excuse.

    -I also HATE cigarette smoke! I AM that obnoxious pregnant lady who will take an OH-SO-OBVIOUS deep breath when walking past smokers. I usually cover my mouth and nose too for good measure.

    Do you prefer running outside OR on a treadmill?

    -If it's raining? Definitely the treadmill. If it's nice outside then I like to run outside. Preferably near a beach so I can swim after =)

  3. I have to admit…I am a total speed demon!! I am trying to be better, but I am always running late so I have to speed to get there on time! Haha!! I hate cigarette smoke, too! PUKE!!

  4. Totally valid running woes! I also hate people who feel the need to stop and chat (I'm looking at you, weird middle aged men!).
    I don't mind the treadmill either. If the weather is nice, I would much rather run outside, but I just can't find anywhere close where I live…so I got my treadmill. Now I have NO excuses!

  5. Oh my gosh. The cig smoke is my BIGGEST pet peeve while running. Especially when it's cloves. Ugh. Also, it really gets me annoyed when I'm running with my giant jogging stroller on the sidewalk and walkers who are walking toward me do not move out of my way!! They make me either stop running or I have to move! GRRR!!

  6. I agree with all of the above ones that you listed but since I'm a little bit of a running diva too on my little treadmill in the Auburn room, the treadmill at the gym, around my neighborhood, or at the track at the community center I am lucky enough to avoid almost all of these.

  7. Luckily where I live in Florida, it's very bicyle and runner friendly and we have many bike lanes and paved paths away from the cars. I do hate smokers in public recreational places though – I was running the other day and a guy on a bike passed me by smoking, so I was running behind that lingering smell for a while 😦

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