‘Ōlelo Hawaii #2

Wow guys. Has it really been almost a month since my last ‘Ōlelo Hawai’i post!?

Let’s get back into it by brushing up on our vocabulary, shall we? Knowing your vocabulary is crucial and can assist in conversation even if you’re not fluent. My third grade teacher used to make us write our vocab words five-times each — then write the appropriate definitions five-times each as well. I cringe thinking about it; however, I should also thank her because man does that method work for me!

Hawai’i has a lot of special cultural stations and shows for all to enjoy, and a favorite is “Hot Hawaiian Nights,” which is on every Friday evening. This show spot-lights local entertainment, and it’s great to have on when you’re cooking or eating dinner with family and friends.

Over the weekend, my family and I were of course watching some of it, and my Dad asked me what they were saying in one of the all-Hawaiian mele’s or songs. I laughed almost embarrassed as I realized I have been taking papa ‘Ōlelo Hawaii classes for roughly two months now, which is about eight classes! Shouldn’t I have known what they were saying? Shouldn’t I be able to converse?

I didn’t, and I can’t. Yet. But I will! I’ll also be the first to admit I have been slacking in my ‘Ōlelo Hawaii big time. So this post is not only for you, but for me, too. ..Because I need to get back on board.

Ha’awina ‘Elua Vocabulary

‘ae – yes
aha – what (only in questions)
akamai – smart
‘a’ole – no
au – I
e – vocative marker
‘ekahi – one (only in counting)
‘elua – two
ha’awina – lesson, assignment, homework
he – a, an
‘īlio – dog
ka’a – car
kanaka – person, guy (singular, refers to males only)
kānaka – persons, guys (plural, refers to either sex)
kāne – man
kēia – this
kēlā – that (distant)
kēnā – that (near addressee, listener)
kolohe – rascal, mischievous
loa – very
mau – plural marker
mo’o – gecko, lizard
nani – pretty
noho – chair; to sit, to live (i.e., to dwell), to say
nui – big, large, great

We haven’t jumped into the technical (basic) side of things yet, but we will..eventually! If you’re into this and truly are attempting to catch a little ʻōlelo Hawai’i, keep practicing spelling words verbally (in Hawaiian) and try to memorize the vocabulary above.

Do you need help pronouncing any of these words?
Would you prefer I spell out the pronunciations in future posts?
Anything else I should know for future ʻōlelo Hawai’i posts?

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6 thoughts on “‘Ōlelo Hawaii #2

  1. OMG How did I miss this??

    You are taking a papa 'olelo class?

    'O wai kou kumu no ka papa 'olelo Hawai'i?

    Aia i hea kou papa? Ma ke kula nui 'o Hawai'i ma Maui?

    (Who is your teacher for the Hawaiian language class?…. Where is your class? At the University of Hawaii at Maui?)

    Maika'i loa!!

  2. yayyyy!!! love that you found my blog! what took ME so long to get over here!?! i am pretty terrible at pronunciation…so I am excited that you are doing these posts. plus…duh…now i am just excited to follow you!

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