BoobTube Babble #1

Whew! It’s finally Friday and I can link up with my girls!

Boob Tube Babble

It’s true.. I watch A LOT of TV; however this is only possible because of my amazing DVR, the ability to catch shows online…and other ways.

Let’s recap on the regulars shall we?

I have been enjoying all the episodes so far — especially the one about the duck-tie bet. Is Barney really going to wear that tie the entire season? Say it with me: leeeeeegen…….DARY!Β 

I must have blinked because I’m still confused as to when (and WHY) Dan-O and his ex-wife aren’t back together. In fact, I don’t even know where they’re supposed to be–are they on the mainland? Where is the current husband? We got to enjoy their cuteness and happy-ending for one episode and unfortunately that same episode Dan-O almost died. WTF. ALSO, raise your hand if you’re completely over Kono’s attitude and behavior? I’m still trying to figure out why she was the only one who had her badge revoked. Perhaps that info was in the same episode explaining Dan-O’s love triangle.

I don’t really have much to say — I’m still over the dancing around and Beckett not admitting she remembers everything from the Season Finale. Why end last season with nearly four episodes expressing their love for one another if they’re not going to BE together. Enough with the four-play.

I really enjoy watching this show. I have learned I enjoy it more when I watch it live and with my parents. Interesting fun fact for you. OH, and if you watch this show, what’s up with Kensi’s right eye? Just curious.

This show really is funny. It’s probably not a must-see for most, but I’m glad it’s on my DVR, and so far I’ve laughed for 22 minutes every episode.

I’m enjoying this show so far. I like the characters, and the way the story is being told. I’m bummed the original receptionist left–but now I get to watch her in “Last Man Standing,” which is hysterical, btw!

The writers are back on track with this show, and the cast is awesomesauce as usual. My brother isn’t in to it this season for some reason, but I definitely am. I will say one thing… the stories seem WAY MORE disturbing than in previous seasons. Am I right? It could just be better acting/extras, but I have to give them props for coming up with different crazies each week. Wowzers!

I almost die from laughing so hard watching this show. Every week, it does not disappoint! Is there anyone who doesn’t like this show? I want to know WHY, riiiiight now! =)

I think this post covers my feelings about this show;)

I’m becoming more and more impressed with the acting on this show every week. I heart Simon Baker, and the beat of this show keeps me addicted. I’m also perfectly fine with Red John still being at large.. the writers are keeping him distant, but not giving us the ring around either.

A LOT of people are disgruntled about this season of Grey’s… I consider myself indifferent only because I enjoy watching it regardless (unless they go all Glee on me–then I CANNOT watch it). What was the deal with last week’s episode? Not last night’s–the week prior–where the ladies either went on strike or earned themselves a Girl’s Weekend? It was a nice change, particularly because this show has a great group of guys, but it also made the show masculine. Is it otherwise a chick-flick? Guys? You tell me..

Swoon. James is such a sexy bad ass (as usual). I’m hooked on the two main characters because I’m intrigued to learn more about them. I also enjoy the concept of this show — it’s not at all far-fetched.

This show just keeps getting better and better. I luuuuuurve Sunday nights! Another fave is PAN AM — hoooooooked!!

Here are a couple shows I still haven’t watched yet and am curious if I seriously should–you tell me:

What are you watching?
What do you think of the shows above?
Does anyone watch ARCHER? Where’s the new episodes?!

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12 thoughts on “BoobTube Babble #1

  1. You and I have a lot in common!!! First, every time we watch How I Met Your Mother, Brian always cracks up and comments on Barney wearing the duck tie! As for Modern Family – BEST SHOW EVER! Grey's – I'm with you, cut the Glee crap and I'm a fan regardless of good or bad press. We haven't watched most of our new shows yet, but we watched the pilot for Up All Night and it shows promise. Haven't checked out New Girl or the Dixie one.

  2. I love Barney but hate the rest of the cast so quit watching.

    Love Big Bang Theory.

    Don't bother with Up All Night. Booooring.

    I am loving Blue Bloods again this season and Revenge.

  3. I watch a lot of tv too. You should catch New Girl, it's very cute and funny, but it's not back until November thanks to baseball. You can skip Up All Night, it was a miss for me. You should also give Suburgatory a try, I think it's on right before Modern Family (which I don't watch, I know blasphemy!) it is really really funny!!

  4. Out of those I watch 2 Broke Girls, which I think is WAY too punny but I watch it anyway, Modern Family (LOVE), New Girl (LOVE), and Up All Night (LOVE). I watch tons of other shows too…you should try Happy Endings, it's pretty funny, and do you watch Cougar Town?

  5. I'm a little indifferent with Grey's right now. It's not really thrilling me but it's not really disappointing me either.

    I'm in love with Revenge though! You need to check it out!

  6. we have practically the same taste in tv πŸ™‚ i love himym, cm, bbt, hawaii 5-0 (btw, danny's ex realized the baby ws her husband's so she is going back to him but we haven't seen grace so we don't really know if she is in hawaii again or not). castle and har t of dixie i enjoy along with new girl and up all night. oh and i watched last mna standing it i love the refreshing reality and humor!! funny stuff.

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