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Sometimes a junkie monkey is just a junkie monkey!

As you all know, I have quite the TV show lineup and heavily rely on my DVR. I depend on my DVR so much, I don’t even remember what days most shows are even on! With that being said, I can’t help but chuckle when I am out and about, and happen to remember a certain show is on tonight. I also can’t help but embrace a sigh of relief I no longer have to rush home to watch a favorite show.

In my younger years I was obsessed with the show Friends (even today I love watching the reruns) and for some reason, without fail, week after week I found myself realizing the show was going to start without me unless I got home in 10 minutes. I don’t know why by 7PM on a Thursday ALWAYS snuck up on me! And seriously? Who else HAS to clap during the Friends intro? Just me?!

Ok, moving on to the reason for this post… 

The Big Bang Theory, which actually started out as the bf’s must-watch show quickly became a favorite of mine as well. Beyond the fantastic cast and their brilliant acting skills–the writer(s) are ingenius and stole my heart. Obviously writers are what make a show, and the writers behind The Big Bang Theory–or Chuck Lorre Productions in general–are beyond talented and expel epic-ness week after week.

Case in Point; Article #356

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Clearly I am not the only one obsessed with Chuck Lorre Productions Vanity Cards — or previously assumed legal boilerplate. I don’t know about everyone else, but I look forward to these after each episode! I think they are hilarious, and create a uniqueness for this production company. I don’t know of, or haven’t noticed these added touches in any other show, and only recently made it a point to pause and read these. I don’t analyze or depict the Vanity Cards — but I do take pictures of them and share them:)

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I can’t help but feel for the entertainment industry pumping out these Prime Time comedies and dramas week after week. Does anyone take the time to realize how much detailed effort is involved? While we view the DVR and it’s awesomesauce ability to pause, rewind, and my favorite fast forward (bye-bye commercials!) I’m betting producers hated it with a passion when it first came out.

Since I’m clearly not the only one pausing Chuck Lorre’s Vanity Cards, I’m guessing I’m not the only one who pauses or rewinds a scene to catch interesting details such as a framed photo or a letter/note (those are my fave!). I would love to shadow ANY comedy or drama to witness how much work is actually involved on set for creating a single episode.

Are there any shows that blow your mind regarding overall production?
Were you aware of these Vanity Cards?
What other shows or production companies have unique afterthoughts?    

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5 thoughts on “Chuck Lorre Productions

  1. I love your blog. You are the reason why I pick up or ditch certain shows! HAHA.

    I love, love, LOVE:

    The Big C
    Modern Family

    I love but hate to admit:

    America's Next Top Model
    Project Runway

    Get Up & Go

  2. I love BIG BANG THEORY! Sheldon Cooper is my hero.

    Thanks for the linkup to my giveway, Jenn.

    Working on the 'awards' post for later in the week. Thanks again for that.

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