Thanksgiving Memory

How awesome is Thanksgiving? An entire day spent with family and friends, lounging, cooking, eating, watching football, and playing ALL DAY. Yes please. I am thankful!


In my immediate family there are four of us and we are very close — we have all made a point to share Thanksgivings together and always invite friends and family. The last couple years have been bizarre for all of us since we have all been in different states and the holiday has felt a little empty. I have so much to be thankful for though, so it’s unfair to put this one day of the year on a pedestal when we should all be this thankful daily. 

Our Thanksgiving usually starts with Mom and Dad waking up early to the Macy’s Parade, and depending on our night’s before my Brother and I will join them. Hawai’i is five hours behind NYC by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, so the parade is usually about over by the time we get up.

Mom escapes to the kitchen after she finishes her second cup of coffee while we all continue lounging–watching football! I usually join her shortly after she’s finished prepping The Bird, and help make breakfast for the boys.

Thanksgiving Day/weekend has consistently brought [Maui] massive Winter Swells for as long as I can remember, so as a family, we usually escape to the beach for an hour or two.. or three. When we return home we clean up, tend to The Bird, and continue grazing the amazing Thanksgiving snacks and watch more football.

Friends come over, and we continue to eat, drink, watch football, and enjoy the overall camaraderie. We celebrate Thanksgiving all day, but don’t actually sit down to eat (break bread) until dinner time. This has always been our family tradition, and has actually allowed more friends and family to join our table because of their family traditions, and work schedules.

I enjoy making a toast to thank everyone for spending their Thanksgiving with us and LOVE going around the table sharing what your especially thankful for. One of my FAVORITE Thanksgivings was about five years ago when we hosted +/-30 amazing friends. Our table looked a little like this:

I had such a fun time planning and decorating — I REALLY got into it. My Mom made her traditional recipes, and I threw in some Giada recipes I was totally experimenting with. Ballzy, I know! Everything was a huge success, and we all toasted and ate and drank the night away until we were all in a food-coma.

My computer was stolen, so I lost most if not all of the photos from that night. But I know every single person there that night will remember it forever. I will anyway!

Share with me a memorable Thanksgiving Memory!


Wow! What a fun and FABULOUS Fall Blog challenge with Amber and Neely. Great topics to transition into Fall, even if the weather is telling you it’s still Summer:)

Here in Hawai’i you won’t find yourself needing any scarves, wool jackets, or Ugg boots — it does get chilly at night and I do own my fair share of sweatshirts, but I’m thinking I’m the exception.

I hope you enjoyed reading all my Fall posts as much as I enjoyed composing them! If you missed any or are just joining Jenn’s Adventures, see the complete list below:)


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5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Memory

  1. Awesome post, girl! Your Thanksgiving honestly sounds like it's out of a movie! We don't have that many traditions but we do get together with our immediate family and eat like we've never seen food before! That's the best. I like that you go around the table and say what you're thankful for. I think I am going to suggest that this year. It's definitely a nice touch!

  2. Our Canadian Thanksgiving is next weekend when you will be celebrating Columbus Day.

    When we are on the boat, we don't do a turkey… not enough room in the oven! But will have pumpkin pie for sure.

  3. This post makes me ready for Thanksgiving and a little heartbroken I won't get to host Allan's family at our house this year.

    I really like that you guys make an entire day of it. That's how the holidays should be!

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