Fall Fashion

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Yesterday I linked up for the Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge with Neely & Amber for day one, which was all about Fall traditions, and today [day two] is all about Fall Trends/clothes/makeup..

Unless you are working all day in an airconditioned office, dressing in typical fall fashion is nearly if not entirely impossible here on Maui — particularly as of late, since we’re clearly enjoying a long lasting Summer! Here’s a few things you’ll find me still sportin’ in “Fall”…

Bandeau’s are where it’s at

When I lived in California from 2005 – 2009, I took advantage of “seasonal shopping” and let’s just say, if I could, I would wear the following:

I’m pretty gutsy with my nail colors — sporting dark year ’round if I feel like it, but these colors I especially enjoy the last quarter of the year — holy crap — it’s almost the last quarter of the year!!

December always = deep burgundy

Does it feel like Fall in your town?
Do you revamp your closet for Fall?
Do you change up your nail color and eyeshadows, too?

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16 thoughts on “Fall Fashion

  1. I would rather have summer all year long, as much as I like fall fashion. I just want to frolic in the sun all day, every day. I am obsessed with bandeaus too. All of mine are Victoria's Secret and they are amazing. We have the exact same taste when it comes to outfits by the way. I would wear everything that you posted!

  2. i love almost every pair of those boots! and those nail colors are awesome! for whatever reason i paint my nails more in the colder weather, and we just got ESSIE in at my store. it's all i can do not to buy one a day!

  3. These are great outfits!!!! They are awesome. I love them they bare everyones heart. 😀
    These are cool and stylish. I love those boots!!! So cool:)

  4. I love the outfits. If I could wear a bathing suit year round I would. The boots are very cute.

    Destini from Mrs. Nicely's class

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