Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

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I’m going to attempt the Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge with Neely & Amber and think you should, too!!

Today [day one] is Fall Traditions

That’s not me,
but you get the idea!

Living in Hawai’i, it’s hard to comprehend it’s Fall already–particularly today since it is a perfect Summer day — imagine clear blue skies for days, scorching hot sunshine kissing your skin resulting in a strong desire to jump in the crystal clear perfect temperature ocean…In fact I’m composing this blog post from the beach right now!

Nonetheless, I still have Fall Traditions — no, I don’t go picking for apples, but I do enjoy the following:

Pumpkin Spice Latte

I am in love with mini-pumpkins and can never have enough decorated throughout the home and office. They are beyond cute and scream Fall to me. Not to mention the Starbucks obsession: Pumpkin Spice Latte. I’ve enjoyed it in years past, but have never been so obsessed as of late. Yum. Pumpkin Pie inmymouth! Bring it, Fall!

Fantasy Football

It’s definitely Fall when football is involved and Fantasy Football is a big ordeal with our large group of friends — this year our league doubled and our draft day was cut-throat! Consider yourself lucky if you captured ANYONE on your list because most of us were live versus auto-pick. I’m winging it this year for a few reasons 1) this league is ridiculously large and 2) I want to actually enjoy watching football — I love football so much and fantasy football can really take that away from you.

I have been beyond blessed to bring in the last three “Falls” in Auburn, Alabama – 2009, 2010, and 2011 🙂 There is nothing like an Auburn homegame, and I absolutely love Auburn football. I’m definitely an Auburn Girl!

I am sad to say I still heaven’t tried Toomer’s Lemonade!! What kind of Auburn Girl am I? I know! RIDIC! …I can’t wait to make this a tradition though… I hope they still sell those giant mason jars, too, because this girl wants at least one!


Thank goodness for who ever invented the DVR contraption because starting tonight it’s on OVERLOAD! I will definitely be linking up for the BoobTube Babble only because I’m addicted to so many shows! Monday’s alone I’ve got (so far): Alphas, Hart of Dixie (9/26) How I Met Your Mother, Hawai’i Five-O, and Castle!!

What are your Fall Traditions?

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3 thoughts on “Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge

  1. Pumpkin and squashes for me, too. Bring em on.

    And I love the new tv season… for me it's the Biggest Loser, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, Hawaii Five-O and a Sunday night Canadian show called Heartland.

    And I certainly DID enter your giveaway!

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